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MAMMOSSIX, showcasing digital twin exhibit at the Future Show 2020 to experience virtual local tour

– Able to view Future Show events while touring Haeongbok-ro area in the virtual space without actually traveling or being in contact

– Excellent way to introduce the local area and promote tourism during the post-COVID era that can target all ages and gender

< photo. MAMMO6 on Future Show 2020 @Uijeongbu >

VR contents developer MAMMOSSIX (CEO Cheol-ho Yu) announced on 11/24 that it will be exhibiting VR Digital Twin Contents that will allow virtual local and exhibit tours at the Future Show 2020, taking place at Uijeongbu Station and Haeongbok-ro area, from 11/26 through 11/29.

Digital Twin is a replica of physical environment in the virtual world that allows various simulations to take place. This exhibit features digital twin of Haeongbok-ro area and allows the tour of the area and the Future Show events through the use of VR equipment. In the post-COVID era, it is expected to be the solution for effectively opening events and exhibits without worrying about traveling or being in contact.

The digital twin content has multiple interactive features as opposed to simple VR photos or videos. The users can connect to the virtual world at VR experience locations or at home and travel freely and converse with AI characters. A charming reimagination makes the experience easy for anyone, and the technology allows the contents to include past or future features of the area, making it perfect for introducing the area or promoting tourism.

Cheol-ho Yu, CEO of MAMMOSSIX, explained, “Combining the digital twin technology with social networking in the 5G network environment can create a metaverse where people can communicate with each other in the virtual world.” He continued, “We are receiving multiple partnership inquiries from various institutions and local governments to help with local promotion and tourist attraction as COVID-19 has negatively affected a lot of events and exhibits.”

MAMMOSSIX is currently servicing online virtual city Galaxity, a social VR platform, in 120 countries around the world. Recently, its technology was recognized and selected as a finalist for TIPS, tech incubator program put on by Ministry of SMEs and Startups. It has also partnered with Samsung Electronics, LG U+, and Xiaomi, becoming a leader in the VR technology sector.

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