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[PagnyoTechnoValley] Bluefeel, attracted attention with all of its suction power with five bowling balls, achieved 750 million won in global funding

Bluefeel, a company specializing in manufacturing portable home appliances, was selected as Brand K, which gives brand power to domestic innovative small and medium-sized enterprises at the national level in the first half of this year, and is recognized for its technology and quality. This company introduced its premium small-sized vacuum cleaner “Montanc” as a new product in 2020, and has drawn explosive responses in the global market, recording a myth of achieving more than 600 million won in funding on Kickstarter and Indigogo, a U.S. crowdfunding site, and topping the vacuum cleaner category.Consumers wanted to develop a small but strong vacuum cleaner by supplementing the shortcomings of a large and heavy living room cleaner that they used to feel inconvenience in their daily lives, or a small vacuum cleaner that is small in size but also weak in suction. And therefore, the total solution became a premium objet vacuum cleaner called Montanc.Montanc embodies an objet design to show the beauty of not harming the interior not only in the living room but also anywhere in the house. It can be used lightly anywhere with a weight similar to that of a 500ml drink. In addition, Bluefeel’s self-developed BLDC++ motor, despite being a small hand-held cleaner, shows the strongest suction power of 15,000PA among same rank vacuum cleaners.

To prove this powerful suction power, Bluefeel filmed a video of lifting five bowling balls at once through a vacuum cleaner and sucking 16 billiard balls in seven seconds.Bluefeel’s cordless vacuum cleaners have increased product utilization by providing multi-tools that can be used in three ways, and various stability is also guaranteed through safety protection circuit design and HEPA filter attachment, drawing attention in the small home appliance market.In order to prepare for the COVID19, Bluefeel is actively participating in non-face-to-face exhibitions/export conferences that are held online and is focusing its efforts on promoting new products to various foreign buyers.

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