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WITH PLUS, Inc. announces ONTACT digital game learning, Challenge24

Participating in the HRD KOREA 2020 Conference & Expo

– Converting directional online education to interactive digital education

WITH PLUS, Inc. (CEO Gwang-pyo Yi) will be presenting “Ontact digital game learning – Challenge24” at the upcoming HRD KOREA 2020 Conference & Expo held from 11/23 through 11/26.

The conference & expo overseen by the Korea HRD (President Jun-ha Eom) is a remote event to present the direction and performance of HR resource development during this unprecedented COVID-19 situation.
This event is divided into 40 conference sections and 20 expo sections and will have 600 companies participating.

WITH PLUS marketing image for HRD KOREA 2020 Conference & Expo

WITH PLUS, Inc. Research Director Chung-yeol Ryu will be virtually presenting “Ontact digital learning Challenge24” on November 23 at 11am.

Director Ryu announced, “Prolonged COVID-19 pandemic is causing a shift of education paradigm and focus on remote contents by companies and public institutions. WITH PLUS is researching various education contents through ontact digital game learning, being first in the nation to do so.”

Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service recently finished its 6 degree education system on November 20 with the highest satisfaction level during the level 4 leadership training. Challenge24 is being complimented as the best suited game learning experience for companies and public institutions.

Talent Development Center Head Chang-yeop Kim of Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service said, “Considering the evolution of human brain is analog, it is necessary to find the balance of analog in the coming digital era. Challenge24 finds that balance between the digital and analog sense very well. It doesn’t simply try for something new, it also provides the blueprint to applying the humanware. This design was rated highly effective by the participants, it gives me such satisfaction and pride as the education director who planned this training.”

WITH PLUS is currently conducting a training program with KEPCO E&C after the completion of program with Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service. It’s planning to conduct a program with Financial Supervisory Service and KIRD in December.

  • Digital Game Learning based Challenge24, complete remote program

WITH PLUS instructor Eun-ae Jo shared, “As remote learning programs began with COVID-19, problems of ineffective education arose from one-way teaching by the instructor with the limits of video instruction. The developers and instructors sought to resolve these issues and to increase engagement and effectiveness by developing Challenge24 into digital game learning style. It was an opportunity to learn that the digital game learning with digital/analog balance can increase engagement and effectiveness.”

[photo 3] WITH PLUS Instructor Eun-ae Jo

Game learning, short for game based learning, has been used to increase the learning effectiveness. The importance of remote contents offered by companies and public institutions has been increasing because of prolonged COVID-19 situation. The demand for remote digital game learning contents is continually increasing.

Challenge24 is a Windows program based on training program, Fantasy Island. Participants can download and install the Challenge24 file in their own private space, select their team and their roles, and participate in the game completely remotely. 

[photo 4] Teams are evaluating gains and loss after the voyage

Challenge24 was recognized at the Gyeonggi Content Agency AR/VR Creation Audition in 2019, and it launched its AR version on Ourhome in January, 2020, and the Windows version at Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service in September.

Challenge24 is a simulation education game with teams working through challenges, survival, and profit production. It’s a digital game that teaches the importance of goal setting based on data and ways to make profit in a business.

Participants work together on the theme, Fantasy Island Exploration Training, to find the optimal voyage route and ways to effectively use resources. They learn the value of team work and learn responsibility and leadership while fulfilling their roles.

The field of education is shifting since COVID-19, and the new era is demanding the shift towards Ontact remote interaction. WITH PLUS CEO Gwang-pyo Yi announced their goal to “use the Challenge24 as the foundation and convert the business management simulation program, SmartB-Masters, to join the Ontact trend and become the Only 1 digital platform.”

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