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[Photonics Korea 2020] Soltech introduces optical communication network equipment

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Soltech will be introducing its optical communication network equipment at the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020, which will be held Nov. 19-27 at KAPID online non-face-to-face consultation room and the exhibition homepage.

The company staff from Soltech said, “Starting with the development of optical modems in 1996, we entered the network market and led the Korean network equipment market by developing Korea’s first optical converter, optical hub, and industrial switch. Currently, we are manufacturing the industrial optical Ethernet switches, gigabit optical Ethernet converters, optical links, and optical patch codes to supply optical LAN systems, high-speed Internet networks, FTTH, BcN, road/tunnel/subway systems, security systems, factory and industrial systems, CCTV monitoring system, and optical backbone network. And, we are also working hard to pioneer overseas market in Asia, Europe, and the Americas as well as the Korean market.”

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He then said, “We are doing our best to operate a useful and economical optical communication network maintenance solution for domestic and overseas telecommunications companies by developing a SOLmate connector maker, an FTTH improvement solution. In the future, we will continue to develop optical communication equipment necessary for all systems based on optical networks to provide the best quality and solutions.”

The main events of the International Photonics Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020 hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and organized by the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development are as follows. △On-line road show for promising technologies/products in the optical convergence industry △Export conference inviting domestic and foreign influential buyers (24-hour online export consultation system for post-COVID crisis) △ Information session and forum △PLC, LiDar development strategy online seminar △Information session and forum

The items exhibited at the show are optical communication, optical fusion lighting, optical medical bio, optical precision, optical material parts, optical image information, optical imaging information, and optical energy.

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