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Remote AR Solution utilizing smart glass, DeepFine/Gyeonggi-do seek largest commercialization in the country

-Building Gyeonggi-do Safety Inspection System through ARON
-ARON’s powerful technology will shape the future

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In collaboration with Gyonggi-do, DeepFine will launch the largest smart glass project in Korea using AR solution in December, 2020, as a part of 2020 Advanced IT Public Service Sponsoring Businesses, building a Smart Glass Remote Safety Inspection System through all of Gyeonggi area.

As the demand for safety inspection for aged buildings, bridges, embankment, and retaining walls increases, this business will be used to solve the demand through combining innovative information technology such as smart glass, IoT sensor, and AR.

DeepFine’s unique AI technology, software-based noise cancelling that allows for accurate voice recognition in the noisy onsite environment, and voice and head tracking control that free up the worker’s hands all work together to ensure safety during dangerous situations.

In addition, control center can monitor the worksite remotely, and safety experts can view images and consult on repair/reinforcement strategies in real time through multilateral video call without having to be onsite. Smart glasses can also maximize the efficiency of the work onsite by monitoring cracks in the building using AR/AI or providing manuals in AR.

Poster for Remote Safety Inspection System Business in Collaboration with Gyeonggi-do

The quality of image is very important when it comes to safety inspections. To compensate for the limited network of existing smart glasses, 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing typically used for smartphones will be used for the first time in Korea to ensure stable safety inspections on dangerous structures in the Gyeonggi area.

Building on the experience and skills learned from collaboration with Gyeonggi-do, DeepFine is planning on solidifying various AI/AR solutions for industrial sites and expanding the business to the rest of Korea through ARON.

In addition, they are about to launch an AR solution using smart glasses at a large scale plant through a long-term contract with Y company, a global surveying and industrial equipment company. They plan on leading the industrial site innovation through ARON, targeting aircraft, construction, manufacturing, and production industry, in addition to the safety inspection industry.

Working remotely in collaboration with an onsite smart glass user through ARON

Hyeon-bae Kim, CEO of DeepFine spoke of their future goal, “DeepFine is a company that researches various ways to change people’s everyday life into a new future. We will become a company that leads the new future with DeepFine’s technology built by various AI and AR experts and a direction not just limited to industrial sites.”

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