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[19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE] Ghostpass developed a non-face-to-face and contactless payment solution that meets the needs of the COVID-19 era

Ghostpass is participating in the 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE ZOOM event on Dec. 8, 4:00 pm as a part of GITCT project.

Ghostpath is a next-generation FinTech startup that develops payment and identity authentication/identification solutions through biometric authentication using AI technologies such as facial and voice recognition based on personal biometric information.

The company staff said, “The integrated solution for non-face-to-face and contactless order payment that prevents the leakage of biometric information by using our AI facial and voice recognition technology is the system that meets the recent global problem of COVID-19 pandemic and the demands of the New Normal era.”

Then, he said, “This is the DID (decentralized) method which the sensitive biometric/personal information is saved in their smart devices, and it fundamentally blocks the risk from the leakage of personal information. Not only that, there is no face-to-face encounter or contact with the staff, so it provides psychological stability. There is no need for a separate payment method like smartphones or credit cards, so it is convenient for users. From the franchises’ viewpoints, labor and time can be saved by implementing the non-face-to-face payment kiosk, and it is cheaper than the standing kiosk, so one-person entrepreneurs and all small business owners can easily implement it.”

The 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE is hosted by AVING NEWS, the media partner of more than 100 trade shows including MWC and IFA that has established a global news network with major media companies in 54 countries. This time, seven media, Vietnamplus from Vietnam, Myfatpocket from Singapore, Geekazine from the US, SINA from China, LeCafeduGeek from France, IT DONGA from Korea, SVPRESSA.RU from Russia, and STARTUPWORLD.TECH from France will be participating to publicize the participants to the world.

In this event, 24 companies will participate with support from Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GITCT), Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICIA), Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu, and Twosun Campus. △IBS Tech △Awesomepia △BA Energy △CiSTEM △Biotruss △Wellmarker Bio △CM Lab △Cell2in △SKIMS-Bio △Caredoc △LiBEST △THE.WAVE.TALK △Dotrade △Linkoptics △Geniesoft △Ghostpass △SafeTech Research △Myung Kwang Chemical △Multics △Batoners △THES △J2 △Myungsung Corporation △Baice

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