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[19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE] Myung Kwang develops video encryption and decryption device MODOASsec! … One-stop system for security industry established

Myung Kwang is participating in the 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE ZOOM event on Dec. 8, 4:00 pm as a part of DICIA project.

Myung Kwang is a specialized company that integrates design, manufacturing and construction of advanced safety systems centered on intelligent CCTV and public security and safety industry fields. Recently, it is building a one-stop system for the security industry by developing and producing MODOASsec, the video encryption/decryption device, and is carrying out institutional security and public safety projects with national first-class security facilities such as the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and the Ministry of Justice.

The company staff said, “Our product has adopted an image puzzle encryption method that encrypts images. The image puzzle encryption method enhances security by allowing the user to change the size of the sub-block and the number of changes to the location of the sub-block (the number of shuffling) arbitrarily, and it can ensure excellent encryption performance and stability.”

He then said, “Myung Kwang is developing various new technologies such as patent registration of data encryption and decryption method using pixels in 2010, development of CCTV camera real-time encryption module in 2015, and registration of video security transmission system patent in 2018. We are actively responding to customer needs by establishing partnerships with top-tier domestic and overseas companies such as Hanwha Techwin, S1, and Axis, and equipped with a diverse product lineup and technical support system.”

Regarding future plans, he said, “We plan to prepare for a second leap forward by pioneering overseas markets such as exports to Southeast Asia, while maximizing the rights and interests of members through rational system management, and to face the future together with the local community by creating new jobs from the region.”

The 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE is hosted by AVING NEWS the media partner of more than 100 trade shows including MWC and IFA that has established a global news network with major media companies in 54 countries. This time, seven media, Vietnamplus from Vietnam, Myfatpocket from Singapore, Geekazine from the US, SINA from China, LeCafeduGeek from France, IT DONGA from Korea, SVPRESSA.RU from Russia, and STARTUPWORLD.TECH from France will be participating to publicize the participants to the world.

In this event, 24 companies will participate with support from Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GITCT), Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICIA), Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu, and Twosun Campus. △IBS Tech △Awesomepia △BA Energy △CiSTEM △Biotruss △Wellmarker Bio △CM Lab △Cell2in △SKIMS-Bio △Caredoc △LiBEST △THE.WAVE.TALK △Dotrade △Linkoptics △Geniesoft △Ghost Pass △SafeTech Research △Myung Kwang △Multics △Batoners △THES △J2 △Myungsung Corporation △Baice

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