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VR Game Developer Mommo6, Opening the Social VR Era

-Making socializing possible in virtual reality, not just gaming
-Starting with Bangkok, contents for other countries or cities will be developed and made available
-Goal is to become a platform to connect the world

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The acronym VR has become an everyday word in gaming and IT, but the actual word “virtual reality” is still unfamiliar. We looked up the definition in the dictionary. Virtual Reality is the technology that allows people to experience a computer simulated world as if in the real world.

Nov.2020 U+ vr KBO Sports VR live1

After some thought, maybe we have been limiting the use of VR to games or single experiences. The key is experiencing a simulated world as if it was real, living my everyday life in a simulated reality. There’s a company that seeks to use VR in that capacity. It’s Mommo6, who is a developer of a social VR platform. We met with Seung-hoon Yi, CEO of Mommo6, to hear more.

CEO Yi explained, “Mommo6 is a company that provides a place for users to enjoy various everyday experiences.” This space is a virtual reality space called, “Galaxity,” and users can enter Galaxity using their own avatars. They can communicate with other avatars, the other users, or do activities together to socialize. He added that this aspect of social VR is different from gaming VR.

Actual screenshot of U+VR KBO broadcast from November, 2020. VR LIVE 2

He added, “Social VR allows people to get together using the virtual reality technology. In this aspect, multiplayer VR games can be viewed as a type of social VR. However, Galaxity is unique in that you can game, chat, and gather information as you go around all in one platform.”

CEO Seung-hoon Yi explained, “Our avatars are designed to have the feel of 2D and are round and cute, so that anyone can recognize that this is a digital world.” He added, “The biggest audience for VR content is people 18 and under. Because the service is used by kids, we used a lot of primary colors in the background that are good for their mood.”

We asked what the users’ response was. The users want more diverse spaces and themes to talk about. When asked about the future direction, CEO Yi replied, “Starting with Bangkok, we will make it possible to travel abroad to different cities around the world from the comforts of your own home.”

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