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Global Media Awards held at MIK 2020 Season Off Online Exhibition… Competitive Korean companies introduced in the overseas market

Geekazine (USA) selects Awesomepia

The Made in Korea & Made by Korea MIK 2020 Season Off online exhibition, organized to promote Korean companies to the world, was held on Dec. 8 through ZOOM, and Global Media Award took place.

The results of the global media award selection are as follows. △Geekazine (USA): Awesomepia △LeCafeduGeek (France): LiBEST △Vietnamplus (Vietnam): Wellmarker Bio △SINA (China): J2C △SVPRESSA.RU (Russia): BA Energy △ Myfatpocket (Singapore): Linkoptics △IT DONGA (Korea): THE.WAVE.TALK △AVING NEWS (Korea): Geniesoft

LeCafeduGeek (France) selects LiBEST

Made in Korea & Made by Korea MIK 2020 Season Off Online Exhibition is hosted by AVING NEWS’ the media partner of more than 100 trade shows including MWC and IFA that has established a global news network with major media companies in 54 countries. This time, eight media, Vietnamplus from Vietnam, Myfatpocket from Singapore, Geekazine from the US, SINA from China, LeCafeduGeek from France, IT DONGA from Korea, SVPRESSA.RU from Russia, and STARTUPWORLD.TECH from France participated to publicize the participants to the world. In addition, Stepintocity and Nanuhm Angels participated as official investment and conference partners. △USA – Junhwan Paul Kang, CEO of Stepinto.city △Vietnam-Lee Hyeon-gyu, Director of Nanuhm Angels

The event consists of △Opening Performance (Jeffrey Powers, US media Geekazine) △ Opening Keynote (Kidai Kim, Publisher of AVING NEWS) △ Seminar △ Global Media Awards (Eight media selects one each). Speakers and topics of presentation of major seminars are as follows. △ Kidai Kim, Publisher of AVING NEWS – Post-COVID era! Digital Transformation △Kang Jun-hwan, CEO of Stepinto.City – Entering the US market, investment and business ecosystem △Lee Hyeon-gyu, Director of Nanuhm Angels – Entering the Vietnamese Market and Investment Ecosystem

In the post-COVID era, this Ontact Global Project presents a new direction for business. This MIK 2020 online exhibition is a venue where global media participates and meets major Korean companies, and it is expected to provide the foothold of overseas entry to the Korean companies.

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Vietnamplus (Vietnam) selects Wellmarker
SINA (China) selects J2C
SVPRESSA.RU (Russia) selects BA Energy
Myfatpocket (Singapore) selects Linkoptics
IT DONGA (Korea) selects THE.WAVE.TALK
AVING NEWS (Korea) selects Geniesoft
Official Poster of MIK 2020 Season Off Online Exhibition
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