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[19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE] THES developed View Eye capable of facial recognition and body temperature measurement

THES is participating in the 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE ZOOM event on Dec. 8, 4:00 pm as a part of DICIA project.

THES is an “Emotional ICT (Information and Communication Technology)” company that designs optical devices, leading comprehensive video sharing technology, provides hardware design and firmware that actualizes the ideas of developers preparing for start-up items, and provides software solutions. Also, the company is preparing for not only design but also sample production and OEM/ODM solution service supply upon customer request, and figure production using professional 3D scanning/3D printing.

Q. Recently, you released View Eye, which enables facial recognition and body temperature measurement. What is the background for developing this?

Currently, the world is in the process of screening, quarantine, and treating infected people due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Based on social distancing, before the development of vaccine treatment drugs, we are working hard to maintain the minimum infection state within the scope of the current medical system. Since its establishment, THES has been specialized in applications using images, so it has begun to develop a thermal image temperature measuring device that combines a camera and an infrared sensor.

Q. Could you give us a brief introduction to View Eye’s products?

View Eye provides an engine for Alchera mobile, which is the basis of domestic SNOW facial recognition, access history, face registration, door control, and flexible UI/UX. Also, it has its own storage device, transmission of server data through WiFi, rechargeable battery pack for easier mobility in places where there is no electricity and emergency power is needed, and shotgun-type infrared sensor on the side of the instrument to measure the temperature on the wrist or arm to prepare against fluctuations due to the change in the seasonal temperature according to the usage environment. In order to correct the measurement temperature deviation according to the temperature and environment sensitivity of the infrared sensor, we are also considering auto calibration that is linked to a black body for mobile with high accuracy and low temperature measurement deviation.

Q. It is the first time seeing this product. What is the meaning of 10.1?

10.1 refers to the size of the touch-screen display, and there is a possibility that the size may be linked according to other product groups. It will have a separate product name in conjunction with the type of infrared sensor array to be used. The current development product is based on the Hi-man infrared sensor with 32×32 array, and we plan to increase the product range by attaching various sensors to reflect the needs of users.

Q. Do you have any plans to release products in the field of image security such as facial recognition and thermal imaging in the future?

We will continue developing the product family that is used as an auxiliary device for temperature measurement for door control by applying facial recognition and thermal image processing, and we will continue to expand into a product line that meets the needs of the market.

The high-resolution CCTV-based High Frame Rate image processing, face recognition, and motion check that require high power consumption and expensive hardware to authenticate visitors are not currently the target business areas of THES.

Q. Tell us about future goals and aspirations.

Taking advantage of the know-how and business power of the image processing convergence device, which is the strength of THES, we have a lot of interest in the 3D human body scanning and human data extraction market. Although we cannot reveal this in detail, if we are selected to do the government-promoted special zone project next year, we might be able to jump to the commercialization stage beyond the prototype demonstration stage.

The 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE is hosted by AVING NEWS the media partner of more than 100 trade shows including MWC and IFA that has established a global news network with major media companies in 54 countries. This time, seven media, Vietnamplus from Vietnam, Myfatpocket from Singapore, Geekazine from the US, SINA from China, LeCafeduGeek from France, IT DONGA from Korea, SVPRESSA.RU from Russia, and STARTUPWORLD.TECH from France participated. This event was sponsored by the official cosmetics brand Lon.G and the health-conscious lifestyle chair brand Gravity Chair.

In this event, 24 companies participated with support from Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GITCT), Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICIA), Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu, and Twosun Campus. The following companies participated at the event. △IBS Tech △Awesomepia △BA Energy △CiSTEM △Biotruss △Wellmarker Bio △CM Lab △Cell2in △SKIMS-Bio △Caredoc △LiBEST △THE.WAVE.TALK △Dotrade △Linkoptics △Geniesoft △Ghost Pass △SafeTech Research △Myung Kwang △Multics △Batoners △THES △J2 △Myungsung Corporation △Baice

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