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Korea’s innovative companies exhibit at MIK 2020 Season Off Online Exhibition to prepare for post-COVID era

In the post-COVID era, this Ontact Global Project presents a new direction for business. The Made in Korea & Made by Korea MIK 2020 Season Off online exhibition, organized to promote Korean companies to the world, was held on Dec. 8 through ZOOM, and Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GITCT), Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICIA), Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu, and Twosun Campus participated to highlight the event.

LiBEST (Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu) – Flexible battery that can dramatically increase the usage time of wearable devices

LiBEST is researching, developing, and manufacturing the world’s best next-generation lithium secondary batteries under the leadership of battery experts with an average of 15 years of industry experience. Since its founding in 2016, it has been focusing on the field of flexible batteries and has repeatedly conducted R&D, and as a result, it has proved its technological prowess by winning the 2020 CES Innovation Award and receiving the Minister’s Citation from 2020 Korea Impact Tech Awards. It is in the stage of preparing for full-scale mass production to expand its business.

The company staff said, “Our flexible battery has the highest energy capacity per unit area among flexible batteries that fit the curves of the human body. Unlike existing flexible batteries that have to increase the area or length to expand capacity, it has a compact band shape, and when applied with high energy density, the use time of the wearable devices can be dramatically increased. You can adjust the size and capacity to suit your device.”

THE.WAVE.TALK (Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu) – soon to launch IoT water sensor Water Talk and rapid microbial diagnosis equipment Bacometer

Founded by technology investment from KAIST in July 2016, THE.WAVE.TALK is a hardware startup that develops IoT water sensors and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) bacteria sensors. The company has developed a sensor that detects, quantifies, and classifies bacteria and other fine-sized particles in collaboration with KAIST. With the patented hardware CSMS (Chaotic Scattering Material and Structure) and data analysis software as the core technologies of the sensor, it is about to release the IoT water sensor Water Talk and the quick microbial diagnostic equipment Bacometer.

Dotrade (GITCT) – Buyer matching, export transaction proposal, contract and overseas shipment

Dotrade is a private export company and has experience and know-how in overseas marketing and trade transactions through participation in online and offline overseas exhibitions for many years. Currently, it has over 20,000 genuine overseas buyers from over 100 countries. It is an export specialized company that proceeds with all the processes of export from overseas buyer matching to customs clearance, air, and ship delivery.

The company staff said, “We analyze SaaS-based foreign buyers’ sourcing product data, and proceeds to buyer matching, export transaction proposal, contract, and overseas shipment. Through its B2B trade solution, we are communicating with overseas buyers through fast and smart trade transactions to enter the global market.” He then said, “We have a patent on the buyer product recommendation algorithm (No. 10-1674203). It recommends products in response to changes in preferences and rapid market changes through analysis of buyers’ purchase time and frequency.”

Linkoptics (GITCT) – Launched micro LED patch Luminiel

The company staff said, “Linkoptics is a medical device specialist with 124 patents in the optical fusion field. As a venture company designated as a high-tech company (No. 145) for anti-aging solutions using light, we have received the Presidential Citation in the exemplary business category, Prime Minister’s Award, and MSIT Minister Award.

The company developed and commercialized the functional LED patch for skin regeneration and whitening for the purpose of improving wrinkles around the eyes, and we have acquired the CE, FDA, and KC certification with Luminiel, which applied the medical technology in the beauty field.  Regarding Luminiel, the company staff explained, “It is a whitening and regeneration product for the wrinkles around the eyes with improved side effects (ocular conjunctivitis and spots) and discomfort of the existing LED mask with enhanced safety, efficacy, and convenience.”

Geniesoft (GITCT) – Unveiled VR service without dizziness and discomfort in wearing

The company staff said, “Our VR service allows you to play games with a sense of VR space without wearing a device. Also, we have signed the license to use globally popular music in addition to K-POP music.” He then said, “As a regional based realistic content company, we will advance to the global market with pride. We will lead the rhythm game market, going beyond DDR and Pump.”

Ghostpass (GITCT) – Developed a non-face-to-face and non-contact payment solution that meets the needs of the COVID-19 era

Ghostpass is a next-generation FinTech startup that develops payment and identity authentication/identification solutions through biometric authentication using AI technologies such as facial and voice recognition based on personal biometric information.

Ghostpass’s AI tablet kiosk is a tablet-sized kiosk that allows you to place orders and pay at a table without facing a cashier. It features DID identification and speaker recognition using voice and face recognition technology and biometric payment using speaker recognition technology. Then, he said, “This is the DID (decentralized) method in which the sensitive biometric/personal information is saved in their smart devices, and it fundamentally blocks the risk from the leakage of personal information. Not only that, there is no face-to-face encounter or contact with the staff, so it provides psychological stability.”

J2C – Holds 22 domestic and overseas patents and two PCTs for iris recognition technology

J2C is an iris recognition solution provider. Currently, it is developing various iris recognition devices, optical components, and software. It has 22 domestic and foreign patents and two PCTs in the field of iris recognition technology. Based on this technology, it has developed its own iris recognition camera module and IR-LED module applicable to iris recognition devices, IoT devices, wearables, and mobiles.

The company staff said, “The first feature of J2C’s iris recognition product is its high iris image resolution. The recognition rate and accuracy of our product are over 99.8% and can be recognized without taking off the glasses. Another feature is that we use self-developed optical components. Also, J2C has excellent product quality and price competitiveness by using optical components developed through government R&D support.”

KPT – Launched cosmetic brand Lon.G in partnership with Myungsung Corporation

KPT (Korea Particle Technology) possesses fluidized bed technology, and through the development and commercialization of the world’s first Emulsion Pearls related technology. It has run many projects not only with Korean companies (Amorepacific, LG H&H, etc.) and global multinational companies (L’OREAL, Beiersdorf, Henkel, Estee Lauder, etc.).

The company staff said, “Lon.G, the first brand we are launching, was launched based on capsule raw materials. It is outstanding in terms of visual image and product stability. Currently, we are working with our sponsor, Myungsung Corporation, to reach consumers through effective marketing and promotion.”

Baice – Developed Gravity Chair to help correct posture

Baice is a furniture/life product developer, and this time, it developed Gravity Chair that helps correct posture. The company staff said, “We have an integrated process that directly handles all processes such as product planning, design, product manufacturing, and commercialization.” Next, he said, “By sitting on our chair, you can feel the three-stage gravity effect for proper posture. Also, it can be washed by applying a detachable cushion that can be completely separated. Another feature we have is that it uses semi-permanent antibacterial metal ion that can be washed with water.”

The 19th MIK 2020 SEASON OFF ONLINE is hosted by AVING NEWS, the media partner of more than 100 trade shows including MWC and IFA that has established a global news network with major media companies in 54 countries. This time, seven media, Vietnamplus from Vietnam, Myfatpocket from Singapore, Geekazine from the US, SINA from China, LeCafeduGeek from France, IT DONGA from Korea, SVPRESSA.RU from Russia, and STARTUPWORLD.TECH from France will be participating to publicize the participants to the world. This event was sponsored by the official cosmetics brand Lon.G and the health-conscious lifestyle chair brand Gravity Chair.

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