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[LED & OLED EXPO 2019] Inotouch Technology to Introduce Transparent LED display module

Transform ordinary windows to outstanding digital signage!!! This highly bright and transparent LED module system is a solid & professional solution to get your brand and products noticed day and night. This almost invisible display (transparency 84%) allows natural light filters through the backside while delivering attractive, highly bright images to the front. Lightweight and

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Aim at being Professionals in the Entertainment World

TOHO GAKUEN Institute was initially established as the TBS Computer School by the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in 1969. After its approval as an Educational Foundation in 1979 TOHO GAKUEN, and with support from the entertainment industry, it began producing many graduates for the broadcast, music and entertainment industry both in Japan and abroad, receiving

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Astera at the Koba Exhibition

Innovative wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera will use the strategic importance of the Koba exhibition in Korea as a vibrant meeting place and Euro/Asian entertainment technology hotspot to launch some exciting new products and showcase its most popular current ranges on Booth D349 The brand-new Helios range of LED tubes – smaller, lighter, brighter and more

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[LED & OLED EXPO 2018 Preview] ICEPIPE to introduce all product line up for ultralight high efficiency LED Lights

ICEPIPE will be attending 'The 17th International LED & OLED EXPO 2018' opened at Ilsan Kintex from June 25 (Tue) to 27 (Thu) to show all product line up of ultralight high efficiency LED lights. ICEPIPE will mainly exhibit the new model HB series, along with the steadily selling street/security light bulb (60W, 80W, 100W)

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Lightlink Display launches its ‘GLORY’ technologies for newly ren-tal Solutions at KOBA 2019

Shenzhen Lightlink Display Technology Co., official partner of the Olympic Council of Asia, will showcase its latest rental and fabulous LED solutions in booth C401 at the Korea International Broadcast Audio & Lighting Equipment Show(KOBA2019) taking place in Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX), Seoul,Korea from May 22 to 25. LIGHTLINK commits to providing customers with a

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VEL.KOREA shows its most competitive beauty medical products at KIMES.

Since its establishment in 2016, VEL.KOREA Co.,Ltd. began its endeavor to become the world’s leading beauty medical device company. VEL.KOREA is a specialized exporting company engaged in beauty medical products relate to dermatology, cosmetic surgery, machine and cosmetics. We handle all kinds of Aesthetic & Dermatological Medicine and Cosmetics for professional uses. The primary mission

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Regenbogen to Showcase Etrebelle, a Hybrid Filler of PLA(Poly D,L-lactic) & HA(Sodium Hyaluronate)

Regenbogen Co., Ltd an Aesthetic Medical Device company will show their new Hybrid Filler of PLA(Poly D,L-lactic) & HA(Sodium Hyaluronate) which name is 'Etrebelle' at KIMES 2019 in Seoul, Korea on March 14-17, 2019. 'Etrebelle' is a Hybrid Filler of PLA(Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles and HA(Sodium Hyaluronate) which are approved by US FDA as biocompatible,

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MAJUTECH to showcase A Non-contact Vascular Viewer System at KIMES 2019

MAJUTECH Inc which aims to become the world's leading manufacturer of intravenous injection, announced that they will be showcasing A Non-contact Vascular Viewer System ‘VeinVu 100’ at KIMES in Seoul, Korea on March 14-17, 2019 ‘VeinVu 100’ visualizes the vessels on the skin surface by highlighting the vessels as augmented reality by utilizing the near

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Korea’s No.1 CryoTherapy Retailer Mgenplus Co., Ltd.

Mgenplus Co., LTD an industry-leading biotechnology company based in Seoul, Korea is holding a showcase of its brand new product-line at the ‘2019 KIMES (Mar 14 - Mar 17)’, Korea’s largest medical equipment trade fair. Along with all the world-famous healthcare manufacturer’s, Mgenplus will be greeting its guests at the premium E hall on the

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Human Meditek Co., Ltd will showcase the next generation Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizers at KIMES

Human Meditek Co., Ltd will showcase HMTS-Series Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers at KIMES 2019 (35th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) from March 14th to 17th.  Established in 2000, Human Meditek Co,. Ltd holds the distinction of developing world’s second Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer in 2003, and has earned the brand recognition as

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Wever Instruments is planning to introduce Integrated Pain Treatment System “ZEUS WAVE” and Composite Stimulator “TESLA-3000”

“Wever Instruments CO., Ltd.” is a specialized company developing, manufacturing, and selling advanced medical devices and equipment for special hospitals and clinics. In this “KIMES 2019”, They will show us “ZEUS WAVE” which is integrated pain treatment system (Extra Shock Wave Therapy+High Intensity Laser Therapy) and “TESLA-3000” which can be used both for magnetic therapy

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TFC Co. Shows Modified Blowing agent TFC-ACPE and TFC-W Series

TFC Co.,Ltd (CEO: Wan Su Park) participated in the 25th Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show. KOPLAS(2019), held at the KINTEX 1 exhibition hall in Goyang-si, from March 12th to 16th and Exhibited its TFC-ACPE and TFC-W Series. TFC-ACPE and TFC-W Series are modified blowing agent which is containing their 15 years of Technology and

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Doil Ecotec exhibits biodegradable polymer

Doil Ecotec will attends ‘25 Korea International Plastics & Rubber show (KOPLAS 2019) which will be held at the 1st KINTEX exhibition hall in Goyang City from March 12(Tue) to 16(Sat) and exhibits biodegradable plastics compound. Founded in 1990, Doil Ecotec is a leading company in plastic compound industry. They already recognized over the world

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POWERJET PLASTIC MACHINERY, ” Advanced equipments like CNC imported from Mitsubishi, OKUMA, DOOSAN are introduced”

POWERJET PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. was founded in 2000, the headquarter is located in Foshan high tech Industrial Park, Sanshui, Foshan in Guangdong Province, occupying an area of 130,000 square meters. Advanced equipments like CNC imported from Mitsubishi, OKUMA, DOOSAN are introduced. As a high and new technology enterprise focus on manufacturing and development of

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