[MWC America 2018 Video] Air Sound’s ‘MYPINPLUS’, a Wireless Microphone System optimized for Single-Person Media

에어사운드는 9월 12일(수)부터 14일(금)까지 미국 로스앤젤레스(LA) 컨벤션 센터에서 열리는 '2018 모바일 월드 콩그레스 아메리카(Mobile World Congress Americas)'에 참가해 동영상 촬영을 위한 위한 무선 마이크로폰 시스템 '마이핀플러스'를 선보였다.

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[Image] Learning Virtue with Augmented Reality applied ‘The Lion King GABY’, D&P Corporation

D&P Corporation(CEO Jeon Yoon-Yong, hereinafter referred to as D&P) is a contents specialized company that provides various formats based on contents and technology. It is also a company that is knocking on the door to the global market by applying story contents and APP BOOK focused on its main character The Lion King GABY, and the coloring book applied with augmented reality.

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[Video] Shine My Artist, ‘SeeSo’ a Fandom Based Artist Growth Platform

Melephant(CEO Park Jae-Hwan)’s ‘SeeSo’ is a fandom based artis growth platform. It supports new and underground artists to tell about itself by making fandom and supports to grow. If she/he is a fan of the artist, anyone can upload the image and can communicate to each other and also, the artist can get practical support for creative activity through sponsorship of the fans.

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