Two years ago, Gaze Lab launched the Gaze Desk, the smartest standing desk ever. The ingenious combination of premium hardwoods, ergonomic design and smart IFTTT-enabled technology, propelled the project to raise over $150,000 on Kickstarter. This makes it one of the top three sit-stand desks in Kickstarter history and the company continues to sell the Gaze Desk at its GAZE SHOP outlets in Korea.

Now Gaze is returning to Kickstarter with the Giiro Mat and Giiro Posturebot, two posturetech products designed to make it safer and more enjoyable to spend the day standing at a desk.

Giiro Mat
The Giiro Mat uses more than 600 sensors that can detect 256 levels of pressure, to draw a hyper-accurate map of how you stand, using 153,600 data points. This is important, because unevenly distributing your weight between your feet, or leaning too far forward or back, can lead to back and neck problems, as well as fatigue. Having a clearer map makes it easier to recommend specific remedies and interventions.

The real breakthrough with Giiro Mat is in its sensor density. Other mats have just a few sensors, so they aren’t very accurate. Working with a team of researchers in Korea allowed the Gaze team to bring the price per sensor down to a level that made it possible to realize their vision for a standing desk mat that provides a true representation of how people stand.

The sensors are housed within a soft foam mat designed especially for people who stand while they work. This includes people who stand at their desks, operate machines on their feet for hours at a time, or stand while serving customers. The mat has been tested and shown to be comfortable for hours of continuous standing.

Giiro App
Giiro Mat uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with the GiiroMat App, which tracks your posture over time, provides alerts, shows weight distribution in real time, and makes recommendations on ways to improve your posture.

Giiro Posturebot
Taking the concept of real time feedback further, Gaze developed the Giiro Posturebot. This personal posture bot sits on a desk and mimics your posture, while you work. It provides feedback with nine different facial expressions, by moving its legs, and leaning in the same direction as you do. This robot will come in several design variations and also has Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition built into its smart speaker.

Now on Kickstarter
The Giiro Mat and Giiro Posturebot project is launched on Kickstarter in June of 2018, with the Giiromat shipping in Q4 of 2018 and Giiro Posturebot shipping in Q1 of 2019.