With the support of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA), IWAZ (CEO Joong-shik Yang) participated in the ‘2018 Mobile World Congress America (hereinafter MWCA 2018)’ held in LA Convention Center in the U.S. from Wednesday, Sept. 12 to Friday, Sept. 12 and introduced a big data-based intelligent system.

IWAZ is a company that owns technologies such as search engine, text miner, and big data solutions based on the information search technology it accumulated through 20 years of experiences. It also researches and develops technologies and products such as web collection robot, document filter, AI, big data platform, text mining, morpheme analyzer, etc.

IWAZ Contents Monitoring System is a system to detect and monitor copyrights distribution in a mobile environment. By monitoring contents serviced on PC and mobile as well as collecting and storing streaming URLs and videos, it interworks with a video analysis system to quickly detect and process serviced copyrighted works that are being serviced. IWAZ Contents Monitoring System can be used for a transparent development of copyrights industry, since it responds quickly to copyrights infringement and expands copyrights protection technology, thereby inducing legal copyrights distribution.

CEO Joong-shik Yang of IWAZ said “We seek to examine the global trends of big data and find the possibility to cooperate with related companies through MWCA 2018. We will strengthen the competitiveness of IWAZ products to advance into the Southeast Asian, American, and European markets.”

Meanwhile, the Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (DICA) was established to help strengthen and develop the competitiveness of regional industries by supporting and nurturing the information communications and cultural industry in Daejeon, such as software (SW), information technology (IT), and cultural contents (CT). It is providing various programs to excellent ICT companies of Daejeon for their successful expansion into the global market, such as support for their participation in overseas exhibitions.

Global news network Aving News, which has reported the greatest number of issues of top 3 global tech exhibitions including CES, MWC, and IFA over the last 11 years, is going to send a special reporter group, report main issues of the world market, and introduce key Korean companies abroad as a media partner of 2018 MWC America this year. Aving News covers and reports more than 300~1,000 overseas exhibitions every year.

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