VITAFOODS (CEO Kimin Park) advocates its philosophy that ‘Food must be beneficial for people.’ VITAFOODS makes us look forward to what kind of healthy food it produces with its 3 values that people eating and cooking food must be happy and it produces food with only proper functions.

What kind of company is VITAFOODS?
Food is an essential, indispensable source of energy for people from birth to death. It enriches our life and makes it healthier by supplying right nutrients and giving us more joy of eating. In fact, everyone knows this but is not observed properly due to modern people’s lifecycle and wrong food values.

VITAFOODS is a food culture company specialized in researching and developing food and food culture by adding novelty to Korean food. The company is striving to establish a more abundant and healthier food culture for people by people with 5 men in their 20s dreaming about food.

(Video: We had an interview with CEO Kimin Park of VITAFOODS in a café in Yangjae-dong.)

About VITAFOODS’s Main Product ‘Youthful Scorched Rice’
The product we first developed is ‘Youthful Scorched Rice (Nurungji)’. Unlike the existing scorched rice, it directly cooks rice with more various ingredients for a long time in an oven so it has a crispier taste.

So, this new-concept scorched rice is good to eat as desert since it is cooked for a long time in an oven, and is even more delicious when you boil it.

‘Glutinous Scorched Rice’ which has mixed 50% of glutinous rice can be added to boiled chicken soup or ramen other than eating it as a desert or by boiling it. It melts easily due to glutinous rice so you can enjoy soft scorched rice. ‘Five Grains Scorched Rice’ is tastier because it is made of five grains such as beans and black beans. ‘Simple 4-minute Scorched Rice’ is packaged in a way to enjoy scorched rice anytime, anywhere, only by pouring hot water into the container. It is an appropriate product to eat as a breakfast or outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or travel since it has a spoon in it.

There are many products out in the market, but what are the strengths of VITAFOODS?
Many tend to pursue nutrition with various compound ingredients, but we VITAFOODS think food made of natural ingredients are the healthiest.

In this aspect, our scorched rice is made of mixed grains that are 100% from nature, and we are trying to use natural raw ingredients as much as possible for drinks or squeezable food that we are currently developing.

What are the achievements so far?
You can find VITAFOODS scorched rice products in Shinsegae Department Store and E-mart. We have even started exporting them to Korean supermarkets in LA, U.S. in the first-half of this year and have been making consistent sales. We plan to launch home shopping in the second-half of this year.

What are your future plans?
We think there is a bit of barrier for foreigners to enjoy scorched rice as is, so we are also developing instantly edible squeezable food and drink products using scorched rice.

We are especially preparing an integrated on/offline brand to introduce really good foods or the ones we have developed. It is called ‘HAPPY TABLE’, and with this we first plan to approach Korean consumers and hope to expand into China or Vietnam to provide healthy Korean food to their local consumers after settling in Korea.