Korean Makgeolli Export Committee, participating in the ‘10th Korea – Vietnam Food & Culture Festival 2018’ presented plans at the press conference to increase exports and introduce traditional makgeolli to the local media. (Photo: representatives from makgeolli companies and local agencies answers questions)

Makgeolli – as a bridge to exchange & economic development

Various medias have attended the conference- including ‘Vietnam Plus’, a Vietnamese national press with social labor press, Hanoi economy press, customs press, and expert reporters in business & economy.

Foreign marketing staffs from WOORISOOL, Seoul Jangsoo, KOOKSOONDANG have introduced their own makgeolli products with localizing strategies, requesting further attention. The three companies are also scheduled to attend the makgeolli promotion booth at the event.

Park Sung Ki, president of WOORISOOL said “we have attended this event to notify the quality and excellence of makgeolli, and to expand exports to Vietnam,” “We hope the culture and economic relations between the both countries prosper through this event,” he added.

Kim Sung Jun, team leader of KOOKSOONDANG foreign marketing said “Vietnam is also a rice consuming culture, and makgeolli made from fermented rice would meet the taste of locals with a similar feeling,” “we have recorded sale of 3 million bottles since 2009, when we started our export to Vietnam,” he introduced.

“Recently global drinking habits have been changing from heavy alcohol consumption to a joyful light drink,” Kim Jong seung, chairman of the Seoul Jangsoo board said. “We are developing rice makgeollies under 7% of alcohol with variety of flavors, and we will try our best to expand our exports by suiting the local preferences” he added.

(Photo: reporters from several major Vietnamese press at the meeting, asking questions about makgeolli.)

“More and more people in Vietnam are enjoying Korean Makgeolli,” Nguyễn Hoàng Nhật (Deputy Editor-in-chief. Vietnam Plus) said, “with the recent economic development and increase in income, Korean culture are being more actively consumed in Vietnam, we anticipate increase in relations between countries through this event”

KOOKSOONDANG, Seoul Jangsoo and WOORISOOL are currently exporting makgeollies to Vietnam, and they will prepare an individual makgeolli promotion booth at the ‘10th Korea – Vietnam Food & Culture Festival’.