THERMO LAB KOREA participated in the ’13th Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition’ held at COEX, Seoul from Nov. 28 (Wed.) to Dec. 1 (Sat.) and introduced eco-friendly shipping box and ice pack.

An eco-friendly shipping box that can be used instead of a styrofoam box is a chilled and frozen shipping box optimized for early morning delivery. Eco-friendly technology was applied to make recycling easier, and the loading efficiency was improved by 30% compared to conventional styrofoam box.

Environmentally friendly ice packs use environmentally friendly water repellents. It is designed to solve the inconvenience of recycling with the existing ice pack. Eco-friendly water repellent in the product prevents distortion during freezing.

Meanwhile, ‘2018 COEX Food Week (13th Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition)’ will host a business match meeting between domestic and foreign buyers including big dealers and food and beverage companies such as E-Mart, Lotte Mart, GS25, Shinsegae Food and CJ Freshway. It will also host events such as HACCP KOREA for the food industry and other various programs such as ‘2018 KOREA FOOD TECH CONFERENCE’ and ‘Seoul Cold Chain Forum’ which can give a glimpse of the future of the food industry.

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