Gameplete is a game development company whose name comes from the words ‘Game’ and ‘Complete,’ meaning ‘Let’s complete the game’. Two years ago, it was made known through the game ‘Card Craft’, which spread its value through word of mouth and helped the company to scale up a notch. The game cooperated with a company called ‘Smilegate’ and succeeded in global re-launch with ‘Arcane Straight’ in May.

Currently, Gameplete services Arcane Straight. The game, which combines poker games with regular RPGs, is a game in which you can play combinations such as triple and straight using your own reasoning and strategy in a situation where it is difficult to predict which card will be played. ‘Arcane Straight’ boasts a unique combat mechanic in gameplay and has a wide fan base.

In addition to focusing on servicing the Arcane Straight, Gameplete is also preparing for additional projects. One of the projects is a game that users can enjoy quickly and easily and can be developed in a simple way. In addition to this, Gameplate is also preparing a game for users who enjoyed “Arcane Straight”.

“Arcane Straight is a mobile game, but I do not think the next game has to be mobile,” said Gameplete CEO Woo Dong-wan. “I think the PC and other platforms are worth giving a shot to.”