Naumcare presented ‘Tratac,’ a professional home training brand at ‘The 10th MIK 2018 Conference&Networking seoson 2,’ on December 5th.

(Photo: Tratac is an exercise gear brand, dealing various tools used for home training and recreational sports)

Naumcare, specializing on the trade and distribution of medical consumables, rehabilitation products, and sport, fitness goods, provides ‘Tratac’ for its recreational sports and home training goods.

Tratac sells various tools for home training and recreational sports, including the ‘Tratac Active Ball,’ a portable three-leveled vibrating massage ball, ‘Active Roll,’ ‘Active Ball S,’ ‘Active Roll Mini,’ and more.

Kim Hong Kyun, from the trade team explains, “The Tratac active series is a portable massager that uses vibration to help fascia relaxation,” adding “Capable of 3~4 levels of vibrations, they are effective on relaxing the muscles of your shoulder, neck, and legs after exercise.”

(Photo: Tratac active series help fascia relaxation via vibration)

Meanwhile, the event, meeting its 10th opening, was held by ‘AVING NEWS,’ taking part in approximately 100 exhibitions’ media partner, and having built a global news network with major presses of 54 countries. Furthermore, famous home and foreign medias including Vietnam Plus of Vietnam, IC smart of China, Geekazine of the USA, Le Café du Geek of France, Moneytoday, IT Donga, Smart PC Love, Earlyadopter of South Korea.

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(Photo: Tratac was selected as the MIK 2018 Top 2nd Company by Moneytoday)

(Photo by Choi Song Ha)

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