Lui Technology (CEO Lee Sang Ho) unveiled a wireless interpretation guide ‘Voice Things’ at ‘The 10th MIK 2018 Conference&Networking season 2,’ on December 5th.

(Photo: Voice Things with a built in microphone connected to its charger.)

Lui Technology is a IoT (Internet of Things) corporation, and developed ‘Voice Things,’ a high-class wireless interpretation guide, on the basis of its technology of voice recognition and wireless communication.

This equipment is a high-tech wireless voice guide based on IoT that combines voice processing technology and wireless technology. With a single equipment, over 30 users can share voices with their smartphone, without needing to restore or return a separate receiver.

President Lee Sang Ho says “Voice Things is a wireless voice guide with a built in microphone and can be utilized in package tours, museums, exhibition centers etc, and can be interlocked with the web. Live broadcasting and Wi-Fi service is also available, and interpretable languages are Korean, Japanese, English, and Spanish.”

(Photo: Voice Things can be received with smartphones and provides interpretation service)

Meanwhile, the event, meeting its 10th opening, was held by ‘AVING NEWS,’ taking part in approximately 100 exhibitions’ media partner, and having built a global news network with major presses of 54 countries. Furthermore, famous home and foreign medias including Vietnam Plus of Vietnam, IC smart of China, Geekazine of the USA, Le Café du Geek of France, Moneytoday, IT Donga, Smart PC Love, Earlyadopter of South Korea,

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(Photo by Choi Song Ha)