Circulus will introduce ‘PiBo’, a pet robot, with Gyeonggi Content Agency at CES 2019, the world’s largest technology exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA from Jan. 8 (Tue) to 11 (Fri).

Circulus’s PiBo is the first pet robot in Korea, and has been attracting attention with its appearance in ‘Are you a human being’, which was aired on KBS last June. PiBo is a robot that communicates with users and grows to suit the user’s taste.

Users can download new applications (functions) from the PiBo bot store, which allows them to grow the PiBo in the desired direction. This is not the only way you can grow PiBo.

PiBo asks the user words he or she does not know in his conversation with the user. When the user answers the question, PiBo learns its meaning. In other words, even the same word can be given different meanings according to the user’s tendency. It means that all PiBo learn and grow differently.

On the other hand, Gyeonggi Content Agency was established with the goal of creating ‘future value’ through the convergence of contents, people, and technology in Gyeonggi area. In the agency are G-HUB, Gyeonggi Global Game Center, Gyeonggi Contents Korea Lab, Export Support System, and Gyeonggi Film Commission. Supporting the participating SMEs in the CES 2019 is one of the contents export support programs. The companies participating in CES 2019 with the support of Gyeonggi Provincial Promotion Agency are as follows. △ Smart Wellness △ Circulus △ Bisecu △ △ Rope △ 101 & Co.

Meanwhile, ‘CES’, the largest IT exhibition in the world, is an exhibition where one can grasp the flow of the home electronics industry at a glance. It is hosted by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January. AVING NEWS, a global news network that most reported the issues of CES, MWC and IFA, the world’s top three tech exhibitions over the last twelve years, has sent a special report team to CES this year to report major issues in the world market, and introduce major Korean companies to the world.