Whoborn introduced its three-dimensional audio headphone ‘3D Audio Player’ in ‘MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT & MIK NIGHT'(BOOTH # 52843) of CES 2019 EUREKA PARK held in Las Vegas, USA for four days starting from January 8 (Tue).

3D Audio Player showcased in CES 2019 is a 3D audio device that automatically pivots sound in the direction of the object. It automatically converts regular stereo sound to three-dimensional sound.

Whoborn, a convergence technology company, develops AR/VR, 3D Real Audio devices, S/W, HMD, fusion 3D printer and S/W and IoT security platform based on its 3D technology. Whoborn’s REALMAKE team is comprised of more than 30 professional developers with experience in research and commercialization of convergence technologies such as H/W, S/W and IoT.

The REALMAKE team, which consists of more than 30 professional developers, works on the planning stage to testing and mass production. The benefits of Whoborn are: △ Strong technology based on patents △ Transforming mechanism HMD capable of functional and fashionable wearing shape transformation △ Developed the world’s first headphone type wearable technology with patent registration including USA and other countries △ 102dB, 32 Ω speaker up to 192Khz, 24 bit with realistic sound reproduction.

Korea Invention Promotion Association is fostering small and medium companies seeking global entry with overseas patent application, patent, design development, and brand development to help them transform into global IP hidden champions. Participating in CES 2019 is one of its global export company fostering programs.

2019 CES is an innovative place where the tech companies that will be leading fourth industrial revolution future are attending. The following are the topics of CES: 3D Printing, Accessibility, Advertising, Marketing, Content and Entertainment, AR/VR and Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Audio and Video, Baby Tech, CES Sports Zone, Country Pavilions, Design & Source Showcase, Digital Money, Drones, Enterprise Solutions, Eureka Park, Family and Kids Tech, Fitness, Health and Wellness, High-Tech Retailing, Home Cinema, IoT Infrastructure, iProducts, Resilience, Self-Driving Technology, Sleep Tech, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Sports Tech, Tourism, Vehicle Technology, Wearables, Wireless Devices and Services.

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