ZNSHINE will participate in ‘Green Energy Expo 2019’ to showcase its innovative products – Bifacial high efficiency module and Graphene-coating self-cleaning pv module.

ZNSHINE’s Graphene-coating series module with self-cleaning function, can increase 2-3W of the module efficiency by rising 0.5-1% of the light transmission. Dusts on the glass to be taken away quickly by the rain and no residual water and sewage are on it. It can apply to all kinds of solar panels, compatible with PERC technology and black silicon technology, regular modules, double-glass modules. Graphene-coating series pv module saves costs for operation and maintenance.

Founded in 1988, ZNSHINE SOLAR (NEEQ Code: 838463) is a leading PV project developer and solar panel manufacturer. It also delivers the best O&M service and EPC solution. Having been recognized as the “Green Plants” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ZNSHINE owns a state-of-the-art fully automatic production line, and the company is currently awarded as “China Well-Known Trademark.” After its successful IPO in 2016, ZNSHINE has become No. 1 market share PV company on NEEQ, and Bloomberg also lists the company as Tier 1 PV manufacturer. ZNSHINE aims to be one of the largest global utility scale solar project developers and manufacturers, and it has its global footprints in Japan, India, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Chile, Australia, Africa etc.