With the support from Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency, DTWORESOURCE will be introducing its road profiling system at CommunicAsia 2019, which will open at Marina Bay Sands from June 18 to 20.

Road profiling system is an artificial intelligence system that uses smartphones to automatically detect obstacles on the roads to prevent traffic accidents. When the road surface is photographed with a smartphone, cracks, portholes, and falling objects are automatically detected while driving. The detected obstacle information and location are immediately transmitted to the control system.

The main features of the system are as follows: △ No need for additional hardware △ No installation and maintenance cost needed △ Artificial intelligence automatically detects obstacles and falling objects △ Highly sensible detection ability using big data △ Improvement of work environment of road managers

An official from the company said, “I wanted to implement a system that can quickly find obstacles on the road by utilizing the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and I wanted to improve the safety of drivers and road environment managers without the need for special equipment and costs.”

He said, “We want our system to be active not only in Korea but also in other markets such as Asia and North America. We will improve the quality of the system by updating the road profiling detection system.”

He also said, “We will complete the higher level of high-tech retail technology with steady research on unmanned systems. We will participate in various domestic and international exhibitions to add force to expand the export and domestic market share.”

Singapore CommunicAsia, a major ICT trade event in Asia, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with concurrent shows NXTAsia for new technology and enterprise solutions, BroadcastAsia for innovative technologies of digital multimedia and broadcasting industry, and ConnecTechAsia, the large-scale platform for communication, enterprise and broadcasting technologies.

Helping to exhibit in CommunicAsia, Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency was established with the purpose of creating a cultural center city in Asia and promoting the information culture industry in the Gwangju area. Having “Creative Gwangju” as its goal, the agency is working hard to help Gwangju’s cultural contents to enter the world. It is engaged in activities like creating CG-based international industrial complex, supporting the production and marketing of convergent contents, cultivating talented human resources and supporting start-ups, and creating cultural business investment associations and investment promotion districts.

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