Coffee Cube introduced its coffee grounds recycling platform Coffee Play in the 11th MIK (Made in Korea) 2019 Conference & Networking Season I held at Grand Ballroom, EL Tower in Yangjae-dong on July 18.

Coffee Play is a platform that collects used coffee grounds and recycling them to various MD products like coffee clay and coffee blocks and sends them back.

The MD products made this way can be used as interior products in the cafe. Especially, coffee blocks that smell great is made with silicon, making it easy to install. It also can control the humidity of the space.

Coffee Cube received the support from Korea Techno-Venture Foundation to attend the 11th MIK (Made in Korea) 2019 Conference & Networking Season I, and was selected as the MIK 2019 Season 1 TOP 2 companies from Smart PC Love.

(사진: 커피큐브는 스마트PC사랑으로부터 ‘Best of Made in Korea TOP2’ 기업에 선정됐다.)(Photo: Coffee Cube was selected as the Best of Made in Korea TOP2 company from Smart PC Love.)

The 11th MIK 2019 Season 1 was hosted by “AVING NEWS”, the media partner of 100 exhibitions a year including MWC and IFA and active in building global news network with major news companies in 54 countries. This time, Ubergizmo (USA), Geekazine (USA), YESKY (China), Lecafedegeek (France), Monsieur GRrr (France), Vietnamplus (Vietnam), IT Donga, Smart PC Love, Early Adopter and Venture Square have participated as the global media partners.

This on/offline advertised event is an exhibition convention for promising start-ups and SMEs in Korea, hosting consultation from major crowdfunding companies. Also, promotion through startup investment companies, global media, 1-person media added passion to the event, drawing positive reactions from the participants.

(Photo: Group photo of 11th MIK (Made In Korea) 2019 Season 1 winners)

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(Video: MIK 2019 Conference&Networking Season 1 video sketch)