With the support from MOIS, MOTIE and Gyeonggi-d, the 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo (K-Safety) will begin on Sep. 25 in KINTEX 1.

K-Safety is Korea’s largest safety industry expo in Korea with the mission to revitalize national safety industry since its foundation in 2015.

The growing exhibition, which covers fire safety, industrial safety, construction safety, security, traffic safety, and daily safety, had 687 organizations and companies and 54,773 visitors last year.

This year, many government offices and local governments including MOF, Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Siheung, Pohang, KOMIPO, KEPCO, KGS, LH, K-Water, KOMSCO, KRC, ETRI and KOSHA and 500 companies including Lotte P&D, PEC, Daeyoung S&S, Motorola Solution Korea, GSIL and Ara Tech are exhibiting in 1,000 booths.

PEC will showcase a mobile emergency exhaust system solution for chemical leak sites.

Ara tech, which makes CPTED safety sign manufacturer Ara Tech will be exhibiting LED animated safety signs. At the Innovation Growth Hall where the cutting-edge products and technologies of safety companies are displayed in line with Industry 4.0, VR/AR-based equipment maintenance and safety training system from Youl Systems and autonomous driving robots from Dogugonggan will be exhibited.

Also, in response to the nationwide interest in fine dust with the implementation of the Special Act on Fine Dust, a special hall dedicated exclusively for fine dust will be prepared.

By gathering fine dust products, technology distribution policies and relevant new technologies and solutions from the government ministries and local governments, many public and private buyers are expected to take interest in them.

Exhibiting items include air purifiers, ventilators, dust collectors, mask, oxygen generators, cleaners, eco-friendly building materials and vehicles, and renewable energy, along with fine dust-related public institutions and national policy labs.

This show will open concurrently with Korea Climate and Meteorological Industry Exhibition, creating synergy for better results.

The organizer said that they will provide more support to the exhibitors with bigger business program.

The 1:1 export consultation which KOTRA has organized will have 50 buyers in the safety industry from 25 countries.

Buyers will be visiting the booths and the innovative products and see the new technology of the safety industry.

The Safety Industry Innovation Technology Purchasing Consultation, which provides the opportunity for the establishment of the cooperation system and cooperation between public corporations and large companies and participating companies, raised interest with more than 80 government ministries and officials attending the preliminary briefing session held in April.

This year’s new Buyer Pre-Match program will allow pre-matching by participating companies searching for buyer information and asking the Secretariat for consultation.

It is expected to be very helpful for participating companies by registering their products and technologies on the homepage to search for interested buyers and conduct consultations.

The 5060 Recruitment Matching Program, which provides support for consulting on overseas exports and market development by matching retired senior export specialists to companies located in Gyeonggi-do, is also expected provide practical assistance to the participating companies.

In addition, the Safety Industry Patent and Procurement Briefing provides information on new product and new technology patent application and public procurement process of SMEs and K-SAFETY AWARDS 2019, which selects new innovative products, services and technologies will be newly introduced this year, expecting to enhance the business satisfaction of exhibitors.

Along with the show, various conferences are also scheduled. More than 30 conferences and seminars on the topics of the safety industry patent and procurement briefing session, MCR campaign activation international conference, disaster safety policy seminar, and symposium for safe society in Korea will be held on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the conference room for three days.

In addition, a variety of activities will also be available, including opening ceremonies, life safety guidance idea contests, K-SAFETY AWARDS 2019, and safety experience villages, where visitors can enjoy the show.

Among them, the 2019 Safety Experience Village will be held at the government level to spread safety culture and raise safety awareness.

It provides experiential safety education that can be indirectly experienced in disasters and emergency situations by subdividing into eight areas such as life safety, fire safety, traffic safety, disaster safety, crime safety, health safety, social safety, and weather climate experience.

This year, EBS, Jeju Air, and S1 participated as special sponsors. In addition, the MFDS, Gyeongsangbuk-do, KTO, KOELSA, KIPS, Korea Safety Education Association, Jeju Air, and S1 participated directly to provide a richer experience.

Jeju Air will provide training on the handling and evacuation in emergency situations in the aircraft in the Aircraft Safety Class with Flight Attendants in a model similar to the actual aircraft, and S1 will display the rescue vehicle owned by Samsung 3119 Rescue Team, the first civilian rescue team in Korea.

On the safety of overseas travel that has emerged since the Hungarian cruise ship accident, KTO has launched a campaign on safely travel at home and abroad, and will introduce education and campaigns on safe travel at home and abroad in the safety experience village. MFDS will introduce Food Poisoning Rapid Test Vehicle which was used at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, along with food poisoning education and job experience education for children and adolescents.

In addition, earthquakes, typhoons, weather, and fire VR experiences will also be available, so high-tech VR/AR experiences can be experience. 2019 Safety Experience Village is a safety experience village for all ages from infants to adults, and can be applied for group participation via the webpage.