Care U, located in the Growth Support Center of Anyang Digital Contents Company, signed a business agreement with WhyDots on August 20 to develop a dementia prevention program using robots and foster instructors. Through this agreement, Care U linked the cognitive training Enbrain platform serving senior welfare centers across the country, and the robot-based dementia prevention program using the parrot robot Pio.

Starting from September 16, the instructor course will be opened at Seongbuk 50 Plus Center, and after 10 weeks of learning the basics, training courses will be held at nursing homes, home care centers and day care centers. CEO Shin Joon-young said after this, the company plans to continue developing robot-based dementia prevention programs and training specialized instructors for senior care.

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Care U is currently expanding the Living Lab (Smart Aging Lab) where people can experience robots and various VR, IoT, and ICT-based products and services in Gyeonggi-do and Seoul. Focusing on 5060 generations and senior welfare centers, it is training how to use digital contents like smartphones, tablets, kiosks and AI speakers to seniors in 50 senior welfare centers across the nation.

The number of dementia patients is increasing every year, and the social costs due to this are also increasing. With the products and services from ICT-based companies like the social enterprise Care U, the prevention program will run actively in the aged society to solve the worldwide issue of dementia.