Yecheon Food Bio will be introducing its restaurant brand SSAMSILA at 2019 Business Concert (SBA X CCEI) in Seoul Smart City Center on Sep. 26.

SSAMSILAG is a compound word that comes from wrap + lunchbox + fun to carry the meaning of diverse and tasty food that is also healthy. All food in SSAMSILAG is made by carefully chosen agricultural goods and was made by the cooking methods of preserving the taste of the ingredients.

As great reviews continued, CEO Kwon Hyeok-dae revealed Sambier as its primary restaurant brand. It is a restaurant which put ssam (vegetable wrap) as the main menu in the restaurant with the sentiment of Northern Europe infusing with the French interior. This restaurant carrying the ambiance of Paris selling the unique Korean food ssam opened to in the new city in Gyeongbuk Province, targeting customers of the ages 30-40s.

Kwon said, “We are becoming more and more known with our taste and the unique ambiance of the restaurant. We are going to open up a new restaurant that can be enjoyed like a pub you can find in the towns of Northern Europe.”

The best part of our restaurant Sambier is that the food served there is healthy. The food is made with healthy ingredients like red ginseng, schisandra fruit, cresson and other agricultural specialties from the local area to obtain both taste and health.

Kwon wants to further expand his business by making a lunchbox business named Ssamsirak. He has a vision to be reborn as a global restaurant company, located next to McDonalds.

Yecheon Food Bio is making every effort to achieve its goals along with CEO Kwon. By trial and error since 2009, it is holding 12 patents and 20 brands. With the vision to make healthy and happy world with the Korean food, he has the pride and determination to provide happy food lifestyle to the human race.

One example is the dried sliced red ginseng in lemon and schisandra fruit flavors. It has also launched honey ginseng slices made with manuka honey and maple syrup to promote the greatness of red ginseng. It is easy to carry and is popular among tourists, sports players and students for its nutrients.

Kwon is making steps every day towards the development of Industry 6.0 with his restaurant business, and wants to contribute to the improvement of the economy and creating jobs.

2019 Business Concert was collaborated by SBA, CCEI and the global news network AVING NEWS, all actively helping the SMEs and startups to find new sales channels and enter the global market. Its goal is to promote Korea’s startups including G-VALLEY companies by global media and YouTubers, consisting of media press pitching, promotion by Tuber, video interviews, award and networking event.

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