MO Green will be introducing its LED plant grower Parpot at IFA 2019, Europe’s largest home appliance show, from Sep. 6 to 11 in Berlin.

This product is based on the greenhouse environment control system and nutriculture technology, emitting light with a similar wavelength as sunlight, which is needed for photosynthesis of plants.

It provides convenient irrigation management. By pouring 1.8 liters of water into a separate reservoir tank, it gives osmotic effect between soil layer and water tank, making the water supply last longer. On top of this, by transpiration effect, it also acts as indoor air humidifier.

The LED lighting can change color to white, yellow (moodlight), and plant growing light, and variety of plants can be planted because it uses soil cultivation method instead of hydroponic cultivation method.

MO Green has been selected as a prospective export SME from MSS in July 1, and is about to export its products to Russia and Netherlands. The staff from the company said, “We are going to exhibit in Hong Kong Fall Electronic Show, which will be held in October 13. We are going focus on attending in many exhibitions to explore new markets in the overseas.”

IFA 2019 Special Reporting Team from AVING NEWS: Kidai Kim, Joseph Choe, Min Choi, Eunsil Lee, Junghyun Ko, Samual Kim

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