Gwangju Innopolis will set up a joint hall to help the Gwangju companies with innovative technologies to enter the global market at IFA 2019, Europe’s largest home appliance show, from Sep. 6 to 11 in Berlin.

Gwangju Innopolis is a special R&D promotion foundation in the Gwangju area aimed at creating jobs and stimulating the economy by commercializing the technologies and fostering businesses.

The Special R&D Promotion Foundation is a specialized agency for commercializing technology which creates jobs through the innovation of national science technology with the goal of starting 600 technological startups, attracting 60 billion won for investment, and creating 6,000 jobs. They are in five regions, Daedeok, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan and Jeonbuk area and has one international science business belt.

Gwangju Innopolis is focusing on eco-friendly auto parts, smart energy, optical electronic convergence and medical material and parts with the vision to create a global innovative cluster prospering with light and culture. It is also working on lighting up the green growth on top of the advanced nano industry in Gwangju R&D special zone optical industry. It has the optimum research capabilities and infrastructure needed in the next-gen optical convergence industry for Gwangju special zone where optic-related R&D centers including KOPTI is clustered. It includes Gwangsan-gu, Buk-gu and Dong-gu of Gwangju, and Jangseong-gun, Jeonnam.

Gwangju Innopolis will exhibit in IFA Global Markets to help the companies in Gwangju special zone with innovative technology enter the global market, and actively help the OEM/ODM for consumer appliances, part manufacturing, and suppliers.

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IFA 2019 Special Reporting Team from AVING NEWS: Kidai Kim, Joseph Choe, Min Choi, Eunsil Lee, Junghyun Ko, Samual Kim

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