Sees Global will be showcasing diverse industrial gloves including premium firefighting gloves at 2019 Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo held in KINTEX 1 on Sep. 25-27.

The product the firefighting industry is looking at is firebolt premium firefighting gloves.

The company official said, “It was first released at the FDIC International and the Daegu International Fire & Safety Expo Korea in April, 2019, and made a strong impression. It will be released as soon as the KFI passes the Level 2 Fire Fighting Gloves Test.”

According to the fire industry, this product is the only product that was released this year that satisfies Level 2 in fire extinguishing gloves.

The company official said, “By using the heat/fireproof fabric and the excellent waterproof/breathable membrane that have only been seen in the top foreign products, we are receiving favorable reviews from the firefighters who have used the prototype in advance. We are also planning to expand to the premium market in Korea by significantly lowering the price over overseas imported products.”

Sees Global (CEO Kim Si Yuk) is the global small champion of the world’s No. 1 global producer of gloves for sports and safety operating a research center affiliated with its headquarters and development center in the overseas plants to develop new materials and technologies. It is also building a close cooperative system with laboratories operated by national budge and large corporate research centers.

The 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo was hosted by MOIS, MOTIE and Gyeonggi-do, and organized by KINTEX and KOTRA. It is supported by MSIT, MOLIT, MND, MAFRA, Korea Forest Service, National Fire Agency, Public Procurement Service, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, KEPCO, Korail, KESCO, EBS, KFI, KEITI, KISTI, ETRI, KOELSA, MIRECO, KOEN and KOMIPO. The main programs are as follows. △ Exhibition △ Conference △ Export Consultation △ Investment Promotion Session △ Safety Experience Village △ Award Ceremony

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