2019 Business Concert organized by SBA, CCEI and AVING NEWS will be held at Seoul Smart City Center on Sep. 26.

All roads lead to YouTube these days, and it is growing even more by the development of AI, big data and 5G technology. Especially in the age where the axis is media is quickly shifting from paid media (newspaper, broadcasting, SNS) to owned media (company’s media, homepage, SNS), we surely recognize the changes, but it is becoming harder and harder to know how to approach it.

So, SBA, CCEI and the global news network AVING NEWS collaborated on jointly making business concert. The business concert is an event to promote Korea’s startups including G-VALLEY companies by global media and YouTubers.

The program consists of media press pitching, promotion by Tuber, video interviews, award and networking event. The Korean media participating in press pitching are △AVING NEWS △IT Donga △Smart PC Love △Money Today △Beta News and △Early Adopter, and foreign media △Vietnamplus (Vietnam) △ Lecafedegeek (France) △My Fat Pocket (Singapore) △YESKY (China), Geekazine (US), Svpressa(Russia) and △AVING Russia will also participate.

The seminar will run in the following contents. △ Announcement of outstanding G-Valley companies (Presenter: Kim Jun-young from Aquapick) △ Finding out what YouTube is with 15,000 YouTuber DB (Presenter: Shin Myeong-seo from KODICC)

The Global Media Awards are held in the form of a press pitching company where each media selects two of the best companies. Winners will have the opportunity to strategically promote their marketing through massive news releases. In addition to official media videos, companies and products will be introduced through popular YouTubers, and networking events will be conducted to help the companies make connections and expand their businesses.

In addition, promotion by 1-person YouTuber is expected to take place, expected to make the outcome of the 2019 Business Concert bigger by promoting the participating companies ane networking by media. Here are 20 YouTubers from SBA Creative Force. △ Lonelywood △ Hutamine △ Nojam King △ Spring Day △ Hooni’s Laundromat △ David Yoon △ Master △ HUNY COREANO △ ReBL △ Toy Master Toma △ Class President Na △ Las Kims, Coreanas △ All the reviews of the world △ Channel Chajae 1△ Kim Tachi △ Painted by Moonlight △ Your Survival Skills △ Composer Doing On △ Three-year-old Acquaintance

There are 10,000 companies under G-Valley, and the participating companies in the concert are as follows: △ High-Quality △ Neo-Estage △ Didim 365 △ Roits Nine △ Rosign △ Medihere △ Makers Technology △ Buheung Medical △ Brilliant & Company △ Beecheon △ Thinkwave △ Aquapick △ Alzip Mat △ Entrance △ Yecheon Food Bio △ Orgamedi △ Widitech △ JRD Works △ JoyFun △ Junef △ Comtree △ Creamo △ Treasure Collection