Purium introduced its entrance-type fine dust reduction solution at 2019 Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo held in KINTEX 1 on Sep. 25-27.

The product adopted an innovative entrance-type design, and creates and amplifies a soft wind based on its developed cyclone turbo airshot to remove ultra-fine dust and harmful substances stuck on clothes, hair, and objects before entering the room.

It automatically operates When a person enters it, and it creates the most efficient and safe airflow to the human body by detecting heat for identifying the position of human body.

With eight smart IoT cyclone fans, ultra-fine dust, harmful substances and germs are removed, and the fallen dust is inhaled by ultra-large dust collector installed on the floor.

In addition, it consists of five IoT sensing technologies that monitor indoor air quality for 24 hours, smart air curtain, vitamin air shower (phytoncide and anion), LED air sterilization, and smart dust collecting fan.

The 5th Korea Innovative Safety and Security Expo was hosted by MOIS, MOTIE and Gyeonggi-do, and organized by KINTEX and KOTRA. It is supported by MSIT, MOLIT, MND, MAFRA, Korea Forest Service, National Fire Agency, Public Procurement Service, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, KEPCO, Korail, KESCO, EBS, KFI, KEITI, KISTI, ETRI, KOELSA, MIRECO, KOEN and KOMIPO. The main programs are as follows. △ Exhibition △ Conference △ Export Consultation △ Investment Promotion Session △ Safety Experience Village △ Award Ceremony

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