LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘CES 2008’) — <Visual News> PC centered IT platform and TV based AV platform couldn’t be connected to each other and existed separately in the past. It is because complicated cables and terminals were needed to play movies or music stored in a PC through a home theater system.

That’s why Linksys is focusing on the ‘link’ among all technologies and devices in the house. During CES 2008, the company presented its new ‘N router’ supporting high speed wireless network, ‘Media Adapter’ connecting IT and AV devices, and ‘wireless webcam’ transferring voice and video to web browser in real-time, to offer a true connected experience to their customers.

Craig Gledhill, VP of Linksys AP, sat with AVING to share his expectation about the company’s key products of this year and the views on home network market.

(Picture: Craig Gledhill, VP of Linksys AP)

(Picture: Media Center Extender with a DVD player allows users to enjoy music, movies, and photos stored in PC through their home theater system)

What is the biggest difference this year’s CES 2008 comparing to the previous shows?

It is quite exciting for many reasons. The attendance is larger than earlier year and the convergence of a lot of emerging technologies and shifting technologies. In the past, IT and AV weren’t seen as a converging technology. What this is causing in the retail market is where the retailer puts this emerging technology with this mixture of AV and IT together.

What we want to highlight is our media adapter which will give you an experience in the lounge room of connecting up AV display on your TV but now it is based on IT platform. So we are brining the wireless functionality of what you used to have on your computer. How does a retailer bring it to the market place? Do you market it as an IT platform or an AV product? This is what I see as a difference in this year’s CES show.

(Picture: N router ‘WRT160N’)

(Picture: wireless webcam ‘WVC54GCA’)

What are the Linksys’s booth concept and some highlight products?

As you see in our booth, we are highlighting Cisco’s strategy of the human network. It is really about connecting the human network experience. It is bringing in a core Cisco technologies, Scientific Atlanta technologies and then obviously the consumer based technologies of Linksys products. Cisco is now a key player in this consumer market. It is not about the core Cisco, Scientific Atlanta or Linksys- it is how three parts come together to deliver an important solution to customers.

Highlights are in a number of different areas. It is really brining forward our vision of the ‘Connected Home’.

The first is N router series. Linksys’ wireless N router doesn’t look like a router because there is no antenna on it. It is a unique design well received in market place. The message we want to appeal to customers is a ‘range’. They can upgrade their wireless range through our N products. The curved line on its package also symbolizes the message.

Second highlight is the Media Adapter. In cooperation with Microsoft Vista platform, it is brining the Vista platform into your lounge room. Now you can enjoy your photos and listen to music anywhere in the house through it.

The Third is a wireless web camera. There is an increasing market demand for wireless webcams.

Compared to your competitors like D-link or Netgear, what is the differentiated strategy of Linksys?

Cisco is about the connecting all the technologies in your home on one platform. We have invested a lot of money in management application platform. ‘Layla’ is the application that allows us to install and maintain the system. Most end users need a platform that is easy to install and easy to use and maintain. Users can experience a seamless deployment of this platform. They will be able to expand their network for beyond what they have done in the past.

How does Linksys involved in the green movement?

We do our endeavors to bring more green movement in our industry. At first what you can see from our new product is green focused, biodegradable packages which are reusable.

What is your outlook for 2008 Asia Pacific market?

In Asia Pacific area, we see a good growth since there are the largest and fastest growing economies in globe and our latest technology will meet their needs well.

Is there anything special you have learned while running business in Korea market?

Korea market is one of the leaders in accepting broadband adoption. Our new products will resonate well in Korea market and help users go to the next level and experience that they strive for having the latest and finest technology.