BARCELONA, Spain (AVING Special Report on ‘MWC 2008’) — <Visual News> LG Electronics led the atmosphere of MWC 2008 with the introduction of newly redefined touch screen interface.

“Our consumers told us that they wanted a phone that had plenty of multimedia features, but doesn’t take a long time fiddling with menus to figure out. Internal research showed that a phone’s multimedia features often lay dormant if they are hard to access. We created the LG-KF700 based their insight,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, at the press conference.

(Picture: ‘KF700’ model)

[Flagship Phone] ‘KF700’ redefining the definition of touchscreen

LG Electronics unveiled its new multimedia phone that combines three input methods ‘LG-KF700’ during Mobile World Congress 2008, which creates an intuitive user interface and provides instant access to features.

The KF700 integrated a 3-inch touchscreen, alpha-numeric keypad and Shortcut Dial. Each of these input methods is assigned to the tasks at which it is most efficient, making LG’s highly intuitive interface possible.

First of all, the KF700 adopted ‘Shortcut Dial’ on the back of the phone quickly scrolls through six user-selected features by controlling a virtual dial on screen, rather than wasting time digging through menus. This can be done at any time, from any application, not just when the phone is idle. The Shortcut Dial can also be used to scroll through web pages or e-mails, adjust volume and perform other functions for which a wheel is naturally best.

(Picture: ‘KF700’ model)

Most of the new touchscreen phones currently available eliminate some formerly universal features like the alpha-numeric keypad. LG consumers said that consumers still wanted this particular feature, not only for its familiarity, but also because it simplifies the process of making phone calls and is excellent for typing text messages. For this reason, LG incorporated a slide-down alpha-numeric keypad into the LG-KF700.

Used together, the LG-KF700’s input methods become even more powerful and efficient.

When browsing the internet on the wide touchscreen, the shortcut dial zooms in and out on websites. When sending text messages, the alpha-numeric keypad provides all of the letters, while frequently used symbols are readily available on the touchscreen. These symbols change based on users text messaging habits.

Other features included a full featured Web browser that provides full access to Google Search, Blogs, Gmail, Maps and Youtube, support for HSDPA 3G networks, MP3 player, MPEG4 video player, 3.0 megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

(Picture: ‘KF600’ model)

[Flagship Phone] ‘KF600’ redefining the definition of touchscreen

LG Electronics announced the European launch of its 2008 iF product design award winning ‘LG-KF600’ during Mobile World Congress 2008. According to the company, the new mobile phone is as feature rich and easy to use as it is stylish, thanks to its unique ‘InteractPad’.

The InteractPad replaces physical navigation keys with context-specific virtual keys that change to fit the task at hand. This new interface comes in response to the need for a simple way to navigate through the multitudinous features on today’s mobile phones.

The InteractPad makes keys of the phone far more flexible than standard hardware keys and eliminates the need to memorize exactly which key performs what function. These virtual keys are also larger and better spaced than physical keys, improving accuracy.

(Picture: ‘KF600’ model)

The KF600 also supports various multimedia features include a 3 mega-pixel camera with enhanced functions, MP3 player, video recording, FM radio, and Bluetooth.

The new input method is also an ideal interface for controlling multimedia features like the LG KF600’s digital audio player, camera and video camera. Because its controls are not tied to physical buttons, each of these functions has a custom interface that makes it intuitive to use.

To make it easier to use, the InteractPad is equipped with multi-sensorial feedback that provides users with audio, visual and tactile cues. When a virtual button is pressed it becomes larger and the phone vibrates just slightly and makes a clicking sound.

The LG-KF600, one of the strategic products of the company, is now available in Europe market.

(Picture: ‘KF510’ model)

[Flagship Phone] ‘KF510’ redefining the definition of touchscreen

LG Electronics introduced its ‘LG-KF510’ at the 2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is a stylish, fashionable phone catering to users’ demand for slimmer phones with unique design accents.

The KF510 adopted dynamic touchpad with interactive touch lighting and emotional animation and its LCD supports includes power saving auto luminance control. The phone’s 3M camera has a startup time about one second, image stabilization, LED flash and red eye reduction.

(Picture: ‘KF510’ model)

As a 10.9mm-thick slim slide phone, the KF510 combines a slim style with strength created by its metal frame and tempered glass. At the center of its design are metal gradation paint schemes available in Stardust Dark Gray or Sunset Red. Rounding out the features are an mp3 player and the ability to record and playback QVGA video.

The KF510, one of the strategic products of the company, will be available in major markets worldwide from March.

(Picture: ‘KS20’ model)

[Smart Phone] ‘KS20’ redefining the definition of touchscreen

LG Electronics presented its 12.8mm-thick smartphone ‘KS20’ during Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona Spain.

Featuring minimalist concept design, the phone uses an intuitive touch input technology and 2.8-inch LCD screen to maximize its internet usability. The handset is powered by Windows Mobile 6 OS.

(Picture: ‘KS20’ model)

The updated KS20 slim smartphone is designed to enrich the mobile internet experience.
It features full internet browsing capabilities and downloads everything from music and video clips to push e-mail at speed of 3.6Mbps through HSDPA. It also allows for advanced features like video-conferencing, taking advantage of the phone’s dual cameras.

(Picture: ‘KT610’ model)

[Smart Phone] candy bar mobile phone ‘KT610’ running on Symbian OS

LG Electronics presented ‘LG-KT610’, its GPS-enabled, stylish candy bar mobile phone during Mobile World Congress 2008, which supports a unique 2.4 VGA flip screen holding a PC-like qwerty keypad.

Based on Symbian OS v9.2 and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, users can take full advantage of a rich suite of multimedia features and applications.

The sleek new KT610 is powered with HSDPA connectivity at 3.6 Mbps and GPS navigation capabilities. Combined with a qwerty keypad and push email functionality, socialising, working and web browsing on-the-go is made easy. Symbian OS ensures the benefits of advanced power efficiency and a high-level of OS security, crucial for social and professional users.

(Picture: ‘KB620’ model)

[Mobile TV Phone] clamshell-type red phone ‘KB620’

LG Electronics unveiled its new clamshell type DVB-H phone ‘KB620’ during Mobile World Congress 2008. Containing internal antenna, it supports HSDPA 7.2 for uninterrupted TV watching, internet browsing and fast file upload/download.

(Picture: ‘KM710’ model)

[Music Phone] ‘KM710’ co-developed by Mark Levinson

LG Electronics showcased its high-end music phone ‘LG-KM710’ dubbed as ‘Mark Levinson Phone’.

LG and Mr. Mark Levinson announced their collaboration to develop products that deliver enhanced sound quality and a differentiated, stylish design. Over the past year, LG Electronics worked with the audio legend to develop and personally tune selected premium home theater systems.

“This bold initiative is one of several underway that support LG’s goal of becoming a top player in the global audio market,” said Mr. B.B. Hwang, President of LG Electronics’ Digital Media Company. “Consumers value superior sound quality in home entertainment systems and Mr. Mark Levinson is the obvious choice to help elevate sound quality in LG’s new product line.”

(Picture: ‘KM500’ model)

LG also showcased its professional music phone ‘KM500’ that manages its music content with IDtag3, an on-screen music information display, and easy PC sync. It also adopted a shortcut key taking users to the music player in just one click.

(Picture: LG’s ‘Watch Phone’)

[Novelty Phone] ‘Watch Phone’ redefining the mobility of handset

LG Electronics displayed its new digital mobile device ‘Watch Phone’ which delivers functions of a cell phone on a small size device like a watch. It supports voice recognition function by adopting Bluetooth, enabling users to make a phone call or send a text message without keypad.