A home-grown board game has been introduced in Korea as well as in the United States. Board game maker ThinkFund said on February 13 that it has launched a board game “Forest,” a game players compete to grow forests to prevent global warming, in Korean and the U.S. market at the same time.

The game allows the players to grow five different kinds of trees, including orange, fir, maple, palm, and ginkgo, without the opponent knowing. The game, however, encourages the players to cooperate with each other to nurture the forest in the end.

While making the forest, they will face enemies such as hunters, lumberjacks, and urban developers and must defend the forest and animals in it from encroachment. Forest has been given a 2012 Excellent Game Content Award by the Korea Creative Contents Agency.

ThinkFund vice president Kang Woo-suk said, “As Forest is themed with environmental protection, many overseas board game publishers are interested in it.”