Under an interesting slogan, “You will get real farm produce that you grow in the game,” the mobile game “Real Farm” has produced two gamers who have attained a “farmer god” rating in all 50 crops. Mobile game developer Neogames said on February 21 it had delivered a package of real farm vegetables and fruits to two users.

The farmer god rating is given to those users who are entitled a god rating in all 50 crop varieties farmed in the game. The first-time user begins with a beginner rating, followed by titles of expert, master, and so on. To reach the level of farmer god, one must receive “Real Coupons” issued randomly. Because of this feature, it is extremely difficult for anyone to go up to the level of god. The fact that two users have become farmer gods within a short time span implies the game’s addictiveness.

The packages that the users received contained all-organic fruits such as apples, pears, and a watermelon, as well as potatoes, cabbage, and spinach worth 300,000 won.

Neogames president Park Dong-woo said, “It is amazing that two god-level players have emerged only within four months since the official launch of the game. Some crops in the package such as the forage barley and clovers were hard to find, but we worked hard to deliver all 50 kinds of varieties in the game.”

Real Farm is a simulation game that went through the supervision of a professor at Seoul National University’s horticultural science program during the development stage. The president of Neogames is also a graduate of the same program. Since the launch in October last year, the game has clocked in more than 300,000 downloads in T-Store. With the average score of 4.8 in T-Store, Real Farm outperformed other popular games such as Tiny Farm (4.4), Maple Story Village (4.7), and Rule the Sky (4.7).