Kia Motor released on February 27 a specially-made video in celebration of the first anniversary of the Kia Cinema, the brand theater within CGV Cheongdam CineCity in Seoul’s Gangnam. The video the automaker unveiled was produced with a special effect using four screens on the left and right sides and the ceiling, as well as the one in front so that the viewers can feel as if they are watching a movie inside a car.

Themed with “mobility,” the video shows how the means of mobility for humans has evolved over time from the horse to automobile, airplane, and space shuttle. It also feature Kia’s concept cars in fast-moving 3D images. Kia Motor worked with CJ’s CGV Screen X production team to create the video footage.

Opened in late December 2011, the Kia Cinema has 190 seats on the first floor and 18 seats on the mezzanine floor. A Kia Motor official said, “We prepared this event as a show of appreciation to more than 200,000 customers who have visited the theater.”