“2013 IGEEC(International Green Energy Expo &Conference)” which started in 2004 for the first time in Korea and became one of the top 10 exhibitions last year will be held at Exco, Daegu from April 3rd to 6th for three days, celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Semikorn (www.semikron.com) is participating at this year’s ‘2013 IGEEC’ to introduce their IGBG Inverter System.

The 3-Level IGBT module reduces the damage of the UPS or Solar Inverter while enhances the energy efficiency up to 98%.  The compact size can help reduce cost of production as well.

3-Level IGBT module’s NPC and TNPC, and two other Circuit model have been released as well.

(Photo: MiniSKiiP 75A-200A(left), SEMITOP 20A-150A(right))

Introducing the Gate Driver Solution for 3-Level IGBT module’s Driver Core,  SKYPER 42 LJ.

(Photo: SKYPER 42 LJ)

Established in 1951 in Nuremberg, it has expanded to 11 branches in 30 different countries throughout the world.

As it celebrates the 10th anniversary, The International Green Energy Expos and Conference was revived as a true renewable exhibition after widening their specialization to three energy sources such as PV Korea, Wind Power Korea and Fuel Cell Korea instead of solely on solar energy.

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