KODUCT CO.,LTD(http://koductcable.cafe24.com/) will exhibit at MTA2013 – The Precision Engineering Industry Event – which taking place on the Singapore Expo (Hall 3&4 booth no.4C4-09) Apr 9~12 2013.

“KODUCT CO.,LTD is a leading company of Cable Carrier industry in South Korea. We preserve our effort to manufacture better products, provide various sizes and designs through constant R&D and investment.

And also we will bring you a rewarding experience by showing our latest products and technology, which would empower your future products. In addition, we would like to share with you our successful story in the global market.” said  Hong-Soo, Seol Manager of KODUCT.

KODUCT’s main products are  ‘Cable Carrier’ and ‘ Flexible Tube’.

Cable Carrier’s various inner widths can be applied for your use and skates provide better operation with lower power and less noise. And they have open and shut type for convenient installation and maintenance. Also cable carriers are made of plastic or metal in accordance of environment and applications. It’s strengths are multy Radius System.

KODUCT’s Cable Carrier is  used in crane, Heavy industry equipment, Welding Machine, Cutting Machine, Iron and Steel Mill Facility, Automation machine etc.

Flexible Tube provides protection for the power supply cables or hoses which connect moving equipment with Improved flexibility and superior durability. It is used in Machine Tools, Cutting Machine, Welding Equipments, Automation Machine etc.

Meanwhile, MTA2013 serves highly-complex industry verticals such as Aerospace, Electronics, Energy, Medical and Oil & Gas, Automation.

With the growing demand for fully integrated capabilities in the most demanding manufacturing environments and sophisticated processes to provide fast, reliable and highest level of precision, MTA 2013 gathers innovative technologies and cost effective solutions while optimising resources to deliver consistent performance.