English Time(www.english-time.co.kr) displayed so-called ‘En-Ti’, synthesis multimedia english education program at the 28th Seoul International EDU-Care Fair for Children 2013 held at SETEC from April 4th to 7th.

English Time is a textbook for children’s English education made by a team which had produced a clay animation of the American-based movie company Warner Brothers. It consists of DVD including interesting stories with 40 various themes, cartoon style story books and CD for interaction with foreigners.

There are 4 steps;
‘SING’, English Babbling Program
‘PLAY’, Speaking Start Program with 10 DVDs of Learn to Speak Stories
‘TALK’ including Reader books, audio CDs, English game CDs and practice books.
‘Jump’, Education Program to stimulate a right brain and learn 40 themes and advanced grammar with images.

The 28th Seoul International EDU-Care Fair for Children 2013 focuses on only child education not baby products. Being the nation’s only early childhood education fair, only officially certified manufacturer in that division will be able to participate in the exhibition. To effectively use the three halls that SETEC provides, the fair will have three themes to go along with it.  First hall will offer an area for foreign language and learning.  Hall 2 will exhibit learning supplies, furniture, and facility.  And Hall 3 will display books, stationary and textbooks. many companies are planning various seminars and classes for the educators that are looking to learn and engage in training.

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