DM Lite( introduced the new improved ‘Lumos 100MK’ at the ‘PHOTO & IMAGING 2013’ that is being held at the Coex Center from April 4th to the 7th.

Lumus is known not only domestically but oversea markets and Hollywood.  It is establishing itself as one of the top LED light manufacturers.

DM Light, at this exhibition  showcased its product lineup Lumos. Given the high demand of the market, the domestic Photos Videos Broadcast Film Market, as well as lead to the next generation of LED lighting technology with excellent color rendering and light quality that can replace or complement the existing studio lighting.

The LUMOS 100MK is required to maintain product photography lighting light more than 1.2 times higher compared to the existing lineup 100F model while maintaining the same mobile that you can take advantage of multi-purpose LED lighting. 100MK and the simultaneous conversion of color temperature and dimming.  Equipped with a lithium-ion battery up to 2 hours of continuous shooting light.

Lumus’s product lineup is optimized for the HD broadcast studio ‘Lumos 700F and 500F, 300F, 100F functions. With light skin color close to natural light from large studio-grade 700F, 100F of products ranging from small mobile.

Using state-of-the-art material with excellent light quality while reducing the weight of the product is one of the reasons this sophisticated and elegant finish and design of global product has gained high popularity in the overseas market.

The 22nd P&I show being held in Korea is known as the largest photo and imaging exhibition in Asia.  Especially at this year’s show, New Media Wave, Smart Accessory Show, Family, Camping and Photo, Seoul Photo, Photo&Optics and other events are scheduled. Also, visitors can take part in Spring Photo Contest, art fair, art exhibitions, and performances.

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