Sound Stream ( introduce the Fostex ‘AR-101’ at the ‘PHOTO & IMAGING 2013’ that is being held at the Coex Center from April 4th to the 7th.

AR101 is the audio interface for iPhone, iPad, DSLR and PC.  Compared to the previous model, AR-4i, it is smaller and lighter. External stereo microphone, line input and headphone output level, and a controller for fan control has been installed. You can install an iOS app to take advantage of more detailed settings.

Two condenser microphone and DSLR camera audio recording stereo line output provided.  Also, PC audio recording support, has adopted a separate USB-out jack, the headphone output is monitoring the input and output signals.

Have enhanced portability to reduce the volume and weight of the battery were the limitations of the model AR-4i, but now the upgraded form of the connected device is noticeable.  Provides for rapid shooting with the help of a dedicated aluminum hand grip.

The 22nd P&I show being held in Korea is known as the largest photo and imaging exhibition in Asia.  Especially at this year’s show, New Media Wave, Smart Accessory Show, Family, Camping and Photo, Seoul Photo, Photo&Optics and other events are scheduled. Also, visitors can take part in Spring Photo Contest, art fair, art exhibitions, and performances.

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