Daejin World (www.photo-mall.co.kr) introduced the camera sling strap, ‘Carry Speed’at the ‘PHOTO & IMAGING 2013’ that is being held at the Coex Center from April 4th to the 7th.

Daejin World introduced ‘Carry speed’, that adopts a method similar to the movement of the ball head tripod, robustness and flexibility at the same time with the camera strap. Free strap length adjustment, improvement of the discomfort during the movement and use, and can be used in a variety of shooting environments, fast, without limitation.

The Cary speed was released without the use of a tripod, and a total of six products, depending on the strap. Light for DSLR users to use without a tripod, signed by ‘series’ DS-pad type’ DS-Pro, DS-Slim, DS-2 ‘, and serves as a built-in dovetail plate for tripod users’ FS-series.  The pad applied for the ‘FS-Pro, FS-Slim’ strap and is available with ‘CS-Sport.  The Pro version has been applied to a wide pad.

Relieve the discomfort of dovetail ways of the ‘F-1’ plate is included in the FS series of new products released at this time, and by removing the strap and replacing it with a plate to be mounted on a tripod.  In addition to the auxiliary strap, UNI-STRAP, establishes the safety of the 2 connections, even when using large telephoto lens section for increased stability.

The most important feature of the Carry Speed is the powerful anti-skid pad for frequent camera movements that do not fall off from the shoulder.   The wide pad applied for prolonged use does not shoulder the burden.  The strap ring located on the front control and the adjustable straps help with quick fine movement and helps with shooting when on the move.  ‘Carry Speed’ makes it possible to shoot quickly and safely, even when using a tripod plate that is compatible with both the plate dovetail ways and standard.

The 22nd P&I show being held in Korea is known as the largest photo and imaging exhibition in Asia.  Especially at this year’s show, New Media Wave, Smart Accessory Show, Family, Camping and Photo, Seoul Photo, Photo&Optics and other events are scheduled. Also, visitors can take part in Spring Photo Contest, art fair, art exhibitions, and performances.

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