Sound Cat ( showcasing the ‘Skullcandy Crusher’ at the ‘PHOTO & IMAGING 2013’ that is being held at the Coex Center from April 4th to the 7th.

Skull Candy ‘Crusher’ that is exhibited is the new and innovative headphone that can be played back correctly to the base and sub-base is introduced for the first time in Korea. The headphones play of the bass and sub-bass region is excellent.  The bass frequencies below 250Hz, sub-bass below 60Hz frequency band.  The typical human ear is not sensitive to sub-base in the area, so you have no choice but to feel the bass with your body than the ear.

The traditional headphones to deliver sound using only one driver. Skull Candy Crusher surpasses the limits of conventional headphones.  Users are able to  feel the sub-bass  to realize the cinema sound quality.

Sound Cat offers not only Skull Candy but Westone Labs, Etymotic Research, Phonak and MXL, Novation and other equipment.

The 22nd P&I show being held in Korea is known as the largest photo and imaging exhibition in Asia.  Especially at this year’s show, New Media Wave, Smart Accessory Show, Family, Camping and Photo, Seoul Photo, Photo&Optics and other events are scheduled. Also, visitors can take part in Spring Photo Contest, art fair, art exhibitions, and performances.

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