(Photo : rain covers for Red & Alexa, Studio, and EFP cameras)

Simon Corporation(President, Woo, Byoung Seo, www.cameracover.co.kr), the tailor- made Camera Rain Cover manufacturer will display its various rain covers for Red & Alexa, Studio, and EFP cameras at the 23rd Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show held at COEX from May 13th to 16th.

Simon’s second to none Video Rain Covers are designed to correspond with the various needs not only of DV cameras branded Sony, Canon but movie shooting camera of Red Alexa. It also provides full range of rain covers to protect EFP and Studio cameras in foul weather, which can be fabricated in tailored fit for customers’ specific requirement.

Waterproof, water repellent, and breathable materials are so featured in their soft touching off users’ hand. After use, wrapping compact also wins photographers’ attraction.

Silky, yet robust TPU(Temperature Polyurethane) crystal clear material ensures the maximum visibility to monitor and view the LCD screen and to control easily all of buttons, lenses. Seam tape for guaranteeing the waterproof is augmented to enhance the essential functions of Video Rain Cover in bad weather.

Established in 1988, Simon has been fabricating and exporting rain wears, safety goods, and camera rain covers mainly to Japanese market. In 2011, it has reached 7 million dollars export record.  Based on expertise accumulated in more than two decades, Simon is expanding its market to America and Europe as well.  Simon’s camera rain cover in particular secured the field proven quality as its rain wears did in Japanese market, upon which it exported one thousand pieces of camera rain cover to the country in 2012.

KOBA 2013 co-hosted by Korea E&EX and KOBETA(Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association) is a special exhibition introducing high-quality equipment for broadcasting, video, audio and lighting. About 10,000 products including 4K, UHD, 3D, Smart TV, Mobile TV, digital contents, camera, VTR, Editorial System, Transmission and Receiving System, image edit program, character generator, CATV System, internet/satellite related equipment, Pro Audio, mike, headphone, console, mixer, audio equipment and lighting/stage related equipment will be presented.

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