♬Sancheong Sancheong Sancheong Sancheong.. I like like like Sancheong Expo…when the city life gets frustrating and depressing, forget everything and leave to Sancheong…for a healthy smile♬

This is a part of a recorded CM to be played on radios starting from the 24th of April. The CM song based on the Sancheong Expo will be played on MBC radio 56 times for a span of a month.

The CM is 20 seconds long and is a remake of artist, ‘10cm’, <Americano>. The catchy tune of the hit <Americano> will help increase exposure to the Expo and catch the ears of listeners.

Representatives of the Samcheong Expo is hoping the listeners will gain interest in the expo and visit the website to listen to the full song. They plan to increase distribution of the song based on the responses the song receives in a month.

To hear the CM sang by ’10cm’ , visit http://www.tramedi-expo.or.kr