BMI Korea plans to participate at KOREA PHARM 2013 that is being held at KINTEX Center from May 28th to the 31st.

BMI Korea have developed and distributed potential pharmaceutical API & formulation into domestic and overseas market since 2005.

The fast-growing pharmaceutical enterprise already have two distinct authority-approved GMP facilities in Kyeonggi province and Jeju Island.

Especially, With the cooperation of Jeju provincial government Jeju facility was built in 2010, which is a state-of –the art facility met international GMP standard for Oral Solid Dosage Form(Hard Capsule, Tablet) and Injection as well.

Hirax-inj. is highly purified hyaluronidase injection for pain management in pain control department, and it is also applied to various plastic surgeries.

Highly purified and safe hyaluronidase by removing all the other impurity proteins in extracts.

Generally, hyaluronidase has made from animal tissue extracts. And against the existing freeze-drying injection of low purity, Hirax-Inj has developed as high quality medicine using patented stand-alone purification process. With this technology, Foreign DNA, virus and protein, which has potential damages to human, was eliminated.

Hirax was proved that it is non-irritant material and not occurred inappropriate immune response following antigenicity test by SD rats and dermal irritation study.

KOREA PHARM 2013 is the only trade exhibition in Korea specialized in pharmaceutical industry.  Hosted by KFDA, organized by KPMA, Kyungyon Exhibitor Corp, KOREA PHARM is becoming the most important industrial event of pharmaceutical field in Korea.