Headphone & Personal Audio Festival(2013 HAF) is concurrently being held at the Conference Center due to the public’s increased interest towards premium audio receivers for Smartphone/pad and tablet PC.

(Photo: Soundstream(www.sound-stream.net) displays Fostex ‘TH900’)

(Photo: Techdata(www.techdata.co.kr) AKG  ‘K-701’)

(Photo: AKG ‘K-701’/ ‘K551’)

(Photo: Sound Solution (www.sscom.com) Beyerdynamic ‘T1’)

(Photo:  Beyerdynamic ‘Custom One Pro’)

(Photo: COMJANGSOO (www.comjangsoo.com) ‘Mode M40’)

(Photo: ‘Image One (II)’)

(Photo: Soundcat(www.soundcat.com) ‘Westone 4R’)

(Photo: Panasonic Technics ‘RP-DJ1210E’)

With the theme of  “Broadcasting opens the future! Join the future wave!” KOBA is the only specialized global exhibition related with the converging broadcast industry. KOBA 2013 is to display 4K, UHD, Smart TV, Mobile TV, Digital Contents, Camera, VTR, Post-Production System, Delivery & Distribution Equipment, Video Post-Production Equipment, Character Generator, CATV System, Internet/Satellite Broadcasting Equipment, Audio equipment like Pro Audio, Microphone, Console, Mixer and instruments, Pro-Light/Stage Equipment and others.  About 700 models of ten thousand units will be displayed which gives the visitors of KOBA 2013 a great chance to learn about the latest products.

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